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Posted by Autumn Smith

If you were to read the nutritional section of the news today, you'd probably believe that...

Saturated fat causes heart disease.

A plant based diet is the HEALTHIEST.

The paleo diet is a fad.

And my personal favorite (maybe EVER)...

Farts cure cancer.

Because most people think that when research is reported in the news, it's pretty much always accurate, right?

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Have you ever wondered if there was ONE perfect diet?

The diet that not only made its adherents feel amazing, but that was also backed by AMPLE science?

Well the truth is, there IS.

In fact journalist CJ HUNT traveled all around the world and spoke with various scientists and experts whose job it is to identify exactly what our ancestors consumed on his quest for the perfect human diet.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Sarah Kolman RN, MA, CHPN, INHC is a Registered Nurse, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Contemplative Psychotherapist, wife, and mom of three boys. Sarah offers unique one-on-one health coaching that blends her nursing and psychotherapy experience with holistic and nutrition-based health concepts. Learn more about Sarah’s coaching services by visiting her website, She is the author of Full Plate: Nourishing Your Family’s Whole Health in a Busy World and writes for several health-focused companies and blogs like Seventh Generation, Autoimmune Paleo, The Paleo Mom, and Paleo Parents--read her articles here. You can follow Sarah on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Why she stopped being a nurse and became a health coach
Why mainstream doctors made her feel like a "hypersensitive mother."
Why she started to feel angry when she learned about the healing power of food
What nursing school taught her about nutrition
How she got to the root of her son's skin and digestive issues
Which 3 foods her son had to avoid in order to thrive
How her son's food sensitivities healed her entire family
What 2 types of testing helped identify her child's sensitivities
The 2 different types of "food" and why they're both important
How she gets her kids excited about nutrition
What parents should do if their child has to take antibiotics
How she makes paleo meals work with her busy schedule
The #1 piece of advice she would give to parents
And much more!

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