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Posted by Autumn Smith

Dr. Daniel Stickler is a former surgeon turned human potential specialist on a mission to reverse human aging AND transform the way we approach wellness.

Rather than treating symptoms after they develop, he's teaching people how to use diet and lifestyle to optimize human potential and stay well AND young in the first place.

And even though you may have already begun your wellness journey, Dr. Stickler had a lot of insights that may take your health to the next level. Today's talk was fascinating and for everyone who loves to live on the cutting edge of health!

Don't miss out or you may never know:

-Why Dr. Stickler left his 7 figure job to make $57,000
-The difference between allopathic and functional medicine
-How much nutritional training he had as a surgeon (this will shock you!)
-Why some people need starchy carbs to lose belly fat (Yes, for real!)
-Why 15% of the population may receive a heart benefit from alcohol
-The Difference between nutregenomics and nutrigenetics
-Whether or not age reversal is possible in humans.
-Why one woman used herself as a test dummy in the name of science
-The #1 trick you can use to starting turning back the clock

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Posted by Autumn Smith

In our fourteenth Optimize Paleo Podcast episode you will meet Cain Credicott, the magical man behind it all!

And like many of us who adopt the paleo diet, Cain has a transformative health story that is just as wonderful as his magazine.

And he’s just a SUPER passionate guy too, so don’t miss out!

In today's show you'll learn

When Cain knew a vegan diet wasn't for him.
Why is so passionate about the Paleo diet
Why he thought a physical Paleo Magazine needed to happen
Why he maintains strict standards for those he allows to advertise

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