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Posted by Autumn Smith

Dan Pardi is truly a sleep expert.

In this episode you'll learn:

Why you will die from sleep deprivation before food deprivation
Sleep deprivation's varied and devastating effects on your health
How one night of poor sleep can inhibit fat burning
How good sleep can keep your child off of medication
The ways your sleep affects dietary choices
What good sleep can do for your mental performance
And how you can optimize your sleep for health, fat burning & performance

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Ben Greenfield is a pretty big deal in health and fitness.

He is the author of the highly acclaimed book, Beyond Training. He was also voted one of the health industry's 100 most influential individuals and one of our country's top personal trainers. Did I mention he completes regularly in Ironman competitions?

He's an animal.

Best of all, he's the bearer of VERY good news if you're looking to be your fittest, most fabulous self, without spending hours at the gym.

And if we're honest....who doesn't want that?

Here's what you'll learn:

Why excessive cardio is not heart-protective and can actually be dangerous
Which form of exercise can actually INCREASE your appetite
The best way to exercise for weight loss if you're over 40
A simple trick you can use at day in your own home to increase longevity
How to train for long term health AND fitness simultaneously
And much more!

If you're spending countless hours at the gym doing exercise you loathe, please listen and share this podcast because there is a better way!

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