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Posted by Autumn Smith

Do you suffer from symptoms like:

Decreased sex drive
Irregular periods
Breast swelling and tenderness
Cold hands
Hair loss
Sleep issues

If so, you may be suffering from ESTROGEN DOMINANCE (ED), a common hormonal issue that can make you feel HORRIBLE and often plays a role in health issues like certain types of breast cancer, uterine cancer, PCOS, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and autoimmune disease.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

If there’s one disease that strikes fear into the heart of pretty much everyone alive, it’s Alzheimer’s.

As a Grey’s Anatomy fan, I vividly remember the anxiety I felt as I watched the episode where Meredith decides to find out whether she is a carrier of the Alzheimer’s gene (APOE4) due to her mother’s death from the debilitating disease. I remember thinking…

What would she do if she had the disease?
What would happen to her career?
To her family?

Tune in to find out more!

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Posted by Matt Smith

Let's talk about one of my favorite Chinese food dishes of all time — Orange Chicken!

However, 99% of the time you get orange chicken, it's loaded with soy, MSG and flour. These are all problematic ingredients we want to avoid at all costs.

Unfortunately, restaurants and just about every orange chicken recipe I found online, use these harmful ingredients too. For this reason, I wanted to make a Paleo version that is guilt free and actually beneficial for your health.

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