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Posted by Autumn Smith

If you were to read the nutritional section of the news today, you'd probably believe that...

Saturated fat causes heart disease.

A plant based diet is the HEALTHIEST.

The paleo diet is a fad.

And my personal favorite (maybe EVER)...

Farts cure cancer.

Because most people think that when research is reported in the news, it's pretty much always accurate, right?

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Posted by Autumn Smith

When I was a young lady, I always told myself pregnancy would be the time in my life where I would eat WHATEVER I wanted regardless of its nutritional value.

Until that is, I learned about a study conducted by Dr. Randy Jirtle, a professor of radiation oncology at Duke University.

Find out some amazing tips on this week's podcast.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Can you imagine if after meals it felt like food was trapped in your esophagus!?

And sometimes it was so uncomfortable that you had to vomit or visit the emergency room?

Well this is exactly what happened to one of my best friends, Kelly Johnson, as a result of a condition called eosinophilic esophagitis.

Kelly and I met on Jennifer Lopez's first world tour where she was working as JLo's stylist and I was working as her personal trainer under the guidance of Tracy Anderson. You might have soon her in Jlo's documentary.

And even though doctors we not really able to resolve her issue (and in fact, recommended she start taking steroids), after some diligent experimentation and a few dietary teaks Kelly is virtually flare-up free and feeling like a brand new women!

As a result of spending 7 months on tour with yours truly, Kelly got more than her fair share of "food is medicine" chatter. Even if she doubted the incredible power of dietary change then, she is a true blue believer now.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Lierre Keith is an American writer, radical feminist, food activist, and environmentalist. She is the author of the highly acclaimed The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability. She’s also been arrested six times.

You'll learn:
How a vegan diet destroyed her health
A negative health consequence of vegan diets that can be permanent
Why hunter gatherers didn't get modern day diseases
Why animal products and choosing grass fed & pasture raised meats is crucial to mental health
Why vegan diets may be harmful for children
Why she believes agriculture is the most destructive thing humans have ever done
How we can eat to support healthy body, mind & environment

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Posted by Autumn Smith

John Durant, the author and self-proclaimed "professional caveman", (as seen on The Colbert Report) is the guest of our 22nd podcast!

Durant is not only an incredibly well-known author and entrepreneur in the paleo space, but he studied evolutionary psychology at Harvard and was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness. When he's not busy working he's running barefoot through Central Park, experimenting with intermittent fasting and doing polar bear swims in the Atlantic.

In other words, he's credentialed, walks the talk (for 10 years) and has exciting information that every paleo enthusiast should know. If you're dying to know exactly why the paleo diet is NOT a fad or how you can merge an ancestral approach with cutting-edge health strategies to optimize weight loss and overall health, then this little chat is for you!

Here's what you'll learn:

Why the Paleo approach makes perfect sense
What gorillas in captivity teach us about how to eat
What ancient remains teach us about what not to eat
Why Moses from the Bible was a Microbiologist
What computers teach us about how to solve our health issues
A simple at-home trick you can do each day to lose weight

Listen up and feel re-invigorated by your love for the wisdom of paleo approach!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

The guest of our 18th podcast episode entitled Is Your Diet Triggering Cancer? And she's just as lovely as she is effective. 

This episode is for anyone who has cancer, has had cancer or who knows or loves someone affected by cancer. 

So basically, it's for everyone!

In this action-packed episode you'll learn:

-How cancer therapies have changed throughout the years
-Why traditional therapies (chemo, radiation, surgery) are NOT your only options 
-The one incredibly important thing conventional therapies fail to address 
-Why we should not be waging a war on cancer
-What to eat to decrease your risk of cancer 
-A simple at-home test you can use to prevent your chances of developing cancer 
-And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

In our fourteenth Optimize Paleo Podcast episode you will meet Cain Credicott, the magical man behind it all!

And like many of us who adopt the paleo diet, Cain has a transformative health story that is just as wonderful as his magazine.

And he’s just a SUPER passionate guy too, so don’t miss out!

In today's show you'll learn

When Cain knew a vegan diet wasn't for him.
Why is so passionate about the Paleo diet
Why he thought a physical Paleo Magazine needed to happen
Why he maintains strict standards for those he allows to advertise

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