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Posted by Autumn Smith

Are you wondering WHY you have a tendency to overindulge?

Here are 5 reasons that may shed some light on why you may be having trouble putting the fork down.

Believe me, you may be shocked at this list too because it's not what you'd expect.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Are you still drinking diet soda to lose weight?

If so, please be sure to read this entire email because I think you’ll be shocked by what I’m about to share.

Many people got hooked on diet soda (like I did!) because they think zero calorie = weight loss. Recent research has shown that it’s just not that simple. In fact, a study conducted over 9 years found diet soda drinkers actually gained weight and had bigger waistlines.

The more soda participants consumed, the more weight they put on. Here are 7 reasons to ditch the diet soda and get your health back...

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Do you ever suffer from cravings that make it seem IMPOSSIBLE to make healthful decisions?

If so, I've got some timely tricks up my sleeve that may be exactly what you need to get back in the swing of things post Halloween-candy-craziness. They're also for those of you who are just making the (often craving-ridden) transition to a paleo way of life.

But before we get into how to beat cravings, I think it's important to remember that NOT all cravings are created equal. In fact some cravings are actually a GOOD thing.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

And because parenthood is hard enough, I felt compelled to find a baby nutrition expert who could help me delve further into the subject of the profound power of food for our little ones!

My research led me to the exceptional, Julie Matthews.

Julie is the author of Nourishing Hope for Autism. She has been researching the link between autism (and other childhood disorders like ADD!) and diet for over 12 years and has helped thousands of children and clinicians make the most of dietary intervention. According to Julie, pretty much EVERY child she works with sees improvements with dietary intervention.

Pretty impressive.

She is incredibly knowledgeable and super sweet! So if you or someone you know has little ones running around (especially with autism or ADD!) please listen to our 45th podcast with Julie Mathews, author of Nourishing Hope for Autism.

Even if you think (like I did!) that you're doing everything right!

Then share this powerful information with anyone and everyone you love so we can help give our children the very best chance they've got. They're already the first generation expected to live shorter lives than their parents.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

In this episode you'll discover the more I study and talk to people who have had cancer, the more I learn that there is hope for a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life post diagnosis. And no matter how you choose to approach treatment (conventional or alternative or a combination!) diet can play a profound role in supporting your body's ability to recover.

Which is why I couldn't be more excited to share my little chat with one of our own subscribers, Mary Brown! Mary was origianlly diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August of 2011. Following conventional therapy, Mary was then diagnosed a second time a few years later.

Clearly, Mary has had quite a journey but today she is healthy and CANCER-FREE!

And given the fact that ovarian cancer kills 15,000 women each year and is the most lethal gynecological cancer, Mary's story is truly remarkable. Fortunately for you, Mary shares the diet and lifestyle strategies she believes were instrumental in her recovery in today's transformational podcast.

You'll hear about her incredible story, her dietary approach, the practitioner she thinks EVERYONE diagnosed with cancer should know about and her favorite recipe! All packed into a delightful, powerful and inspiring 30 minute chat!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

In case you haven't heard of Dr. Breus he is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and appears regularly on the show.

In his extensive studies and years of research, Dr. Breus has revealed that there are many different (and equally beneficial) sleep rhythms that can lead to optimal health. And that uncovering your sleep rhythm also helps you identify your best time to:

Eat a cheeseburger
Have sex
Take a hike
Ask your boss for a raise
And much more!

Truly fascinating stuff. So take his quiz here and then listen to our 43rd podcast here to learn all about it!

Here are a few of the other fun tidbits you're in for:

-How many people struggle with sleep
-The detrimental effects of inadequate sleep (you NEED to hear this!)
-Why sleeping aids are not a great idea
-How Dr. Breus discovered chronotypes
-Four tips anyone can use to get better sleep
-A delicious nightly beverage that will help you get great sleep
-AND much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Food Mood Expert Trudy Scott is a certified nutritionist on a mission to educate and empower anxious individuals worldwide about natural solutions for anxiety, stress and emotional eating.

Trudy also presents nationally to nutrition and mental health professionals on food and mood, sharing all the recent research and how-to steps so they too can educate and empower their clients and patients.

Trudy is the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings (New Harbinger 2011) and host of The Anxiety Summit.

Here's what you'll learn:

Why rates of anxiety tripled between 1990-2000
How to know if you are suffering from anxiety (it's not always as obvious as you'd think!)
Why diet can work even for severe anxiety
The shortcomings of our current treatment models
The dangers of the #1 most commonly prescribed anti anxiety med
The common anti anxiety medicine that significantly increases children's risk of future addiction
Why addressing anxiety issues is important for children with attention issues
Foods that could be triggering your anxiety
A nontoxic natural anxiety therapy that works in under 5 minutes for many people!
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Today's interview was with Jennifer Redwitz all about the dramatic differences she experienced in her family's health with the Standard American Diet vs. the Paleo Diet and it's brimming with valuable insight!

Here's what you'll learn:

-What ditching the SAD did for her family
-The dietary changes that allowed her to get off of multiple prescription meds
-The food her pediatrician recommended that made her first baby sick
-The dietary changes that transformed her child's health
-How she got her family to accept the dietary changes
-How she dealt with her child's processed food addiction
-What she fed her second child that allowed her to thrive
-And much more!

Do yourself a favor, listen and effortlessly recommit to healthy decisions this week!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Many Americans remain undiagnosed because current thyroid testing is inadequate.

What this means is that If you can't lose weight, experience mood issues, or have any of the symptoms above you may be suffering from a thyroid issue EVEN if your doc has told you otherwise.

Fortunately, Dr. Nikolas Hedberg is here to help! He is a Board Certified Naturopathic Physician, a Chiropractic Physician and Board Certified in Nutrition by the American Board of Clinical Nutrition.

He is also the founder of the Immune Restoration Center in Ashville, NC where he treats patients worldwide with conditions such as thyroid issues, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, hormone imbalances, depression, weight gain and digestive issues.

He is a wealth of information with all the answers to your thyroid issues so don't miss out! Here's what you'll learn:
Why the thyroid is critical to optimal health
Common signs that you may have a thyroid condition
The major causes of thyroid issues and how you can decrease your risk
Why you may have a thyroid issue even if you TSH is “normal”
Why the health of your gut is critical for thyroid function
What you body type can tell you about your thyroid function
What tests will help you adequately asses your thyroid function
How to eat to optimize your thyroid function
And much more!

Listen and share it with those you love and want to help achieve their health goals!

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