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Posted by Autumn Smith

Are you still drinking diet soda to lose weight?

If so, please be sure to read this entire email because I think you’ll be shocked by what I’m about to share.

Many people got hooked on diet soda (like I did!) because they think zero calorie = weight loss. Recent research has shown that it’s just not that simple. In fact, a study conducted over 9 years found diet soda drinkers actually gained weight and had bigger waistlines.

The more soda participants consumed, the more weight they put on. Here are 7 reasons to ditch the diet soda and get your health back...

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Dr. Mosley trained as a doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London and after qualifying joined the BBC as a trainee assistant producer. Over the last 25 years he has made numerous science and history documentaries for the BBC, first behind the camera, more recently as a presenter. He was executive producer of QED, Trust Me I’m a Doctor and Superhuman. He is also the author of the Fast Diet.

Dr. Mosley successfully reversed his type 2 diabetes by fasting and so if you have excess weight (especially around the middle), insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, or unmet health goals than this is NOT the show to miss.

Here are sons of the other interesting things you'll lead:

How to lose weight and boost brain function without changing your diet
The empirically-supported benefits of intermittent fasting (IF)
The different types of IF
The history of fasting
Which populations benefit from fasting
What your waist circumference can tell you about whether or not you should be fasting
Why fasting is beneficial EVEN when it's slightly stressful
How to do a 5/2 fast
How to fast and still eat EVERY day
Why research has shown that IF is surprisingly EASIER (physically and psychologically!) than standards diets
How IF helps you make healthier decisions
Why you actually eat LESS the day after you fast
Who should NOT be fasting
Whether or not fasting triggers eating disorders
How many food decisions you make each day (this will SHOCK you!)
How you should approach your first days fasting for best results!
One food that is really helpful on fasting days
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

It may shock you to know that of the 80,000 chemicals in circulation today, only 200 of them have been tested for safety!
What's worse is that research is now showing that these chemicals can increase our risk for pretty much every disease AND make us fat.

Which is why in today's podcast we're going to geek out with Lara Adler, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and self-taught Environmental Toxins Expert.

Here are some of the juicy tidbits you're in for:

What toxins are and where they are found
The link between toxins and obesity
How exactly toxins make us fat
The surprising places you'll find obesogens
Why the dose does NOT always make the poison
Which diseases the literature links to toxic exposure
what a NOAL level is and why it matters for your health
How many chemicals the typical woman is exposed to before she leaves the house
Why only 200 of the 80,000 chemicals in circulation have been thoroughly tested for safety
Why 2 chemicals is "badder" than one!
How much toxic exposure costs us in terms of health care costs (this will SHOCK you!)
The 5 steps to reducing your toxic exposure!
The most important step you can take to reduce toxic exposure
Why traditional "detoxes" don't necessarily remove toxins
Why toxins are stored in fat
Why many people get sick after gastric bypass surgery
Foods that encourage your body to release toxins
Why certain prescription medications trigger weight gain (really interesting!)
The reason rice almost always contains arsenic
How to reduce the amount of arsenic in your rice
Her favorite personal care products
Why BPA-free plastic may be even WORSE
The beverage you can use to supercharge your detox
Lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your toxic burden
And much more!

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Posted by Matt Smith

Luanne is a southern belle and mother of 3 who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013. At that time, she was told by doctors that without surgery she would die. Despite her doctor's warnings, Luanne opted out of surgery and decided to forgo traditional treatment completely.

Today she is happy, healthy and cancer free!

She is also humble, wise, HONEST and brimming with insight that just may change your life! So listen to the podcast and learn all about her inspiring story and treatment protocol.

Here's are just a few of the juicy tidbits you're in for:

What she believes contributed to her breast cancer diagnosis
What is at the root of most disease
The shockingly small percentage of women whose cancer is genetic
What she did to determine whether or not chemotherapy would work for her
Why she opted out of surgery
Why she believes she was able to avoid chemotherapy
The disappointing facts about traditional cancer therapy outcomes
What her alternative protocol looked like
Where she found affordable supportive supplements
What she recommends for those who have cancer (or who have a family member with cancer!)
The one food that is a HUGE contributing factor to most major diseases
The important vitamin that played a huge role in her recovery
The critical part of her treatment protocol that had nothing to do with diet or supplements (that most people fail to address!)
An alternative breast cancer screening that lets you avoid the radiation in traditional mammograms
What she thinks everyone needs to do to help prevent cancer and other diseases
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

In this episode you'll discover the more I study and talk to people who have had cancer, the more I learn that there is hope for a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life post diagnosis. And no matter how you choose to approach treatment (conventional or alternative or a combination!) diet can play a profound role in supporting your body's ability to recover.

Which is why I couldn't be more excited to share my little chat with one of our own subscribers, Mary Brown! Mary was origianlly diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August of 2011. Following conventional therapy, Mary was then diagnosed a second time a few years later.

Clearly, Mary has had quite a journey but today she is healthy and CANCER-FREE!

And given the fact that ovarian cancer kills 15,000 women each year and is the most lethal gynecological cancer, Mary's story is truly remarkable. Fortunately for you, Mary shares the diet and lifestyle strategies she believes were instrumental in her recovery in today's transformational podcast.

You'll hear about her incredible story, her dietary approach, the practitioner she thinks EVERYONE diagnosed with cancer should know about and her favorite recipe! All packed into a delightful, powerful and inspiring 30 minute chat!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

At the age of 27 Andrew was diagnosed with an Anaplastic Astrocytoma, an incurable form of brain cancer. After following the standard treatment protocol, Andrew was left feeling sick and depressed by his lack of recovery and options. But he knew there had to be another options and was determined to find a better way.

And find another way, he DID.

Today Andrew is in full remission thanks to a ketogenic diet!

He's also dedicated his professional life to spreading the good news about how changing his diet, put his cancer in remission and saved his life.

So do yourself a favor and have a listen! It is truly an inspiring story about the NECESSITY of being your own health advocate. And it's incredibly entertaining too! You won't even believe the lengths Andrew has gone to (and the foods he's eaten)!

Let's just say, even the MOST health savvy of you probably aren't eating them!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Lissa Rankin is an integrative medicine physician, author, speaker, artist, and founder of the online health and wellness community Discouraged by our broken health-care system, Dr. Rankin set out to discover why some patients experience miraculous cures from seemingly incurable illnesses, while others remain sick even when they receive the best medical care. She is on a mission to put the "care" back in health care and has a fascinating story and research that will blow your mind!

Here's what you'll learn:

What Dr. Rankin thinks is the #1 biggest risk factor in health
Why the Spontaneous Remissions Project is important
What those living longer lives have in common
How she knew at 7 years old that she was born to be a doctor
Why she knew she had to turn her back on the traditional medical system
What the placebo and nocebo effects teach us about our ability to heal
Why fake knee surgeries can be as effective as real surgeries
The main factors affecting your health that most people NEVER think about
How often Americans are in the stress response
How we can activate our self-healing mechanisms
Why your chronic repetitive stress WILL end in diagnosis if left unaddressed

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Posted by Autumn Smith

David Zappasodi is a motivational speaker, fitness training professional, and international best-selling author of the book Immovable Heart ~ Unstoppable Mind. For the past twenty years, his innovative approach to health and fitness has helped many people transform their lives.

In today's illuminating podcast we highlight some of Dave's remarkable insights that helped me cultivate better health, deeper relationships and more effective coaching strategies. We also talk about practical ways to start changing the behavioral patterns that may be keeping you from the health you've always imagined TODAY.

Here are some of the juicy tidbits you'll learn:

-The personal challenges that inspired his international best-selling book
-A simple mind shift that can make you feel empowered regardless of the circumstance
-Why Dave is convinced that mindset is one of the most important elements for reaching your health goals
-What you're actually looking for when you set health goals! (This will surprise you!)
-How to set goals that will help you get long term results
-Why Dave says we ALL have a problem with obesity
-What generosity, integrity and patience have to do with weight loss and health
-The one thing thing Dave would change about his past
-And much more!

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