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Posted by Autumn Smith

Today I wanted to talk about what I've found to be the MOST important factor for sustainable fat loss and that is....Diet quality.

So buckle up because I'm about to tell you how you can keep the pounds off.

It might even be simpler than you think!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Are you still drinking diet soda to lose weight?

If so, please be sure to read this entire email because I think you’ll be shocked by what I’m about to share.

Many people got hooked on diet soda (like I did!) because they think zero calorie = weight loss. Recent research has shown that it’s just not that simple. In fact, a study conducted over 9 years found diet soda drinkers actually gained weight and had bigger waistlines.

The more soda participants consumed, the more weight they put on. Here are 7 reasons to ditch the diet soda and get your health back...

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Did you know there's an actual Fat-Burning Hormone?

That's right! However, most American’s Fat-Burning Hormone is turned OFF.

This is why we exercise and diet with zero results.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

If you've tried EVERYTHING to lose weight or reach your health goals to no avail, you're going to want to listen to today's podcast, The 3 Obstacles to Sustainable & Vibrant Health with International bestselling author, David Zappasodi as soon as you possibly can!

I reached out to David after reading his amazing book, Immovable Heart Unstoppable Mind, about a year ago because it had such a profound impact on the way I viewed HEALTH. He's been a motivational speaker and fitness training professionally for over 20 years and his innovative approach to health and fitness has helped countless people TRANSFORM their lives.

Since we recorded our first podcast, The Secret Sauce for Fat Loss, David has become a friend and his book has become an international best-seller.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Did you know that 92% (9 out of 10) of us are deficient in one or more nutrients?

And that those who consume the fewest nutrients end up weighing the MOST?

It's counterintuitive, but true.

So in today's podcast, my handsome husband and I talk all about everything I've learned in the creation of my new online program geared toward correcting nutrient deficiency and cultivating vibrant health called Radiate in 28!!

(And as you'll was a LOT of research!)

Here's what you're in for:

The definition of nutrient deficiency
How many people suffer today
The frightening consequences of nutrient deficiency
The important roles of nutrients
How to tell if you're deficient
The nutrient deficiency responsible for up to 90,000 deaths each year
The 12 reasons nutrient deficiency is rampant today
Why the Recommended Daily Intakes (RDIs) are inadequate when it comes to monitoring nutrient intake
How the RDA's and RDIs were created (truly fascinating!)
Why food labels cannot be relied on
The top 7 sources of American calories (this will SHOCK you!)
How many pounds of sugar Americans are eating each day!
What your genes have to do with how many nutrients you need
Why eating MORE food does not always prevent nutrient deficiency
5 Common OTC medications that deplete nutrients
The foods you need to eat to reduce your risk of cancer
What the research says (and does not say) about the link between nutrient deficiency and obesity
The nutrient deficiencies associated with obesity
Whether you can "supplement" your way out of obesity
Why some of the research exploring the link between nutrient deficiency and weight gain is misleading
3 ways nutrient deficiency makes weight gain effortless
What you need to do if you want to lose weight
Whether or not supplementation is necessary
Which supplements I take every day to bolster my nutrient reserves
The 10 steps you need to take to reverse nutrient deficiency
3 foods you need to eliminate to reduce your risk
A 28 day program you can use to take your health to the next level (for ALMOST nothing!)
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Leanne is an ultra passionate Holistic Nutritionist and food blogger in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her goal is to help people do away with feeling overpowered and controlled by food by giving them the tools they need to inject their lives with happiness, healthfulness, and a whole lot of dietary fat. She has spent over a decade revolutionizing her own perception of food and wellness by creating a life of kindness and acceptance toward herself!

She is inspiring, honest, experienced, and HILARIOUS!

I know you'll love her liberating and empowering approach almost as much as her innovative recipes (they are truly incredible)!


So have a listen and learn all the ins and outs of a sustainable and empowered high fat lifestyle!

Here are some of the gems you're in for:

A personal fact she's never told anyone on a podcast before
What made her so passionate about a high fat lifestyle
How she felt as a vegan
Why the keto that works for men doesn't always work for women
Who will benefit from a ketogenic diet
Who should not be using a ketogenic diet
What her macronutrient ratios look like
Why she doesn't count her kale...
The one keto-approved food she avoids with GREAT results
Whether or not she thinks it's necessary to stay in ketosis to see results
A day in the life of her meals
How to make salmon cakes (delicious!)
Whether or not supplementing to stay in ketosis is beneficial
The dietary combo that can make cheat days dangerous
What "carb ups" are and why they might change your life
The signs that you might need a carb up
Why eating carbs at night is not always a terrible idea
What she does before every meal to get in touch with her body
How to know when you're in ketosis
The sweet spot for measuring ketones
The best tests for ketosis
How to save lots of money while testing for ketosis
How to get past those nasty cravings in the first 3 weeks
A fat-filled lunch you can make in 2 seconds flat
Her 3 favorite keto recipes
The sugar alternative that doesn't affect her ketones
Two sweeteners to avoid
Her favorite keto sweet treat!
How to make keto whipped cream in just a few minutes!
How to make a keto milkshake
Her 5 favorite supplements for rocking a keto lifestyle
The type of magnesium to take before bed to keep you regular
The supplement that can help you recover from exercise and stress more quickly
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Jonathan Bailor is a New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized wellness expert who specializes in using modern science and technology to simplify health. Bailor has collaborated with top scientists for more than 10 years to analyze and apply over 1,300 studies. His work has been endorsed by top doctors and scientists from Harvard Medical School, Johns’ Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, and UCLA.

Despite what Jillian Michaels (who misunderstood his message and attacked him on her podcast!) has said, after spending 10+ years with his nose buried in the literature, he is a BRIMMING with insight and weight loss wisdom!

So if you, or someone you LOVE, is still being duped by the calorie myth, then please don't miss our 30 minute action-packed episode!

Here's what you're going to learn:

Why we shouldn't count calories
Why calorie math has been disproven in every trial ever done
Why the food industry is driven to perpetuate the calorie myth
Why food does NOT make us store fat (and what does)
Why "natural" isn't always healthy
The critical difference between weight loss and fat loss
Why adequate protein promotes fat fat loss
How protein helps build lean muscle tissue
Why lean muscle tissue keeps your trim
How much protein you need at each meal
The food that should ALWAYS cover 50% of your plate
The 4 factors that matter most for how a food is used by your body
Why shopping at health food stores does not guarantee vibrant health
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

David Zappasodi is a motivational speaker, fitness training professional, and international best-selling author of the book Immovable Heart ~ Unstoppable Mind. For the past twenty years, his innovative approach to health and fitness has helped many people transform their lives.

In today's illuminating podcast we highlight some of Dave's remarkable insights that helped me cultivate better health, deeper relationships and more effective coaching strategies. We also talk about practical ways to start changing the behavioral patterns that may be keeping you from the health you've always imagined TODAY.

Here are some of the juicy tidbits you'll learn:

-The personal challenges that inspired his international best-selling book
-A simple mind shift that can make you feel empowered regardless of the circumstance
-Why Dave is convinced that mindset is one of the most important elements for reaching your health goals
-What you're actually looking for when you set health goals! (This will surprise you!)
-How to set goals that will help you get long term results
-Why Dave says we ALL have a problem with obesity
-What generosity, integrity and patience have to do with weight loss and health
-The one thing thing Dave would change about his past
-And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Dr. Teta has a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a Doctorate in naturopathic medicine. He is the author of several books including the best-selling Metabolic Effect Diet, and Metabolic Aftershock. He is also a contributor to The TextBook Of Natural Medicine, the number one natural medicine textbook used in medical schools across the country.

Here's what you'll learn:

Why calories do matter but aren't the whole story
What other factors you MUST take into account when losing weight
The first critical step to losing weight and keeping it off
An simple way to tell if your metabolism is balanced
A comprehensive and practical way to lose weight and keep it off for good.

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