The Secret Sauce To Fat Loss!

It's Not What You're Thinking!

Today I wanted to talk about what I've found to be the MOST important factor for sustainable fat loss and that is....Diet quality.

Yup that RIGHT! 

Remember when I told you that researchers simply could NOT make lab rats fat when they were eating whole foods?

That's why your commitment to this type of lifestyle is so critical.

Because most Americans (maybe, even you) are NOT eating real foods.

They're eating processed foods which has resulted in 3 out of 4 of us being overweight and up to 300,000 deaths each year due to diet-related disease.

So YES a Twinkie here and a soda there is a BIG deal!

In fact, it will inhibit weight loss, raise your set point and train your tastebuds to expect sugar rather than the natural sweetness of WHOLE foods.

In other words, it will make you dreams of being thin AND reclaiming your vibrant health darn near impossible.

So please, please, PLEASE...keep it REAL on your plate!

Because when you do you'll reduce inflammation, lose excess weight and finally experience what it feels like to be brimming with energy!

That's the glorious future whole foods have to offer.

Not whole foods with a teensy bit of candy, cookies, or other processed junk.

JUST whole foods.

So keep it WHOLE, keep it organic, keep it pasture-raised, keep it grass-fed and keep it wild!

And if a little more education as to the benefits of eating high quality food will strengthen your resolve please listen to a few of my favorite podcasts: