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Posted by Autumn Smith

Jessica Flanigan is an autoimmune Protocol leader and expert. She has been a clinical nutritionist for 20 years and exclusively assisting clients in AIP for over three years. She has worked extensively in private practice while also working alongside many practitioners including medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and body workers. She is CEO of Nourishful Inc. and speaks around the country about the value of using illness as an opportunity.

Today's discussion is all about what she believes is the #1 reason some people are not able to put their autoimmune illness into remission even with comprehensive dietary intervention. She also has a unique dietary approach that she's perfected in her work with thousands of clients. So even if you think you've heard it ALL about autoimmune disease, I can guarantee you'll be fascinated by what she has to say.

Here's what you'll learn:

What autoimmune diseases are
Why an autoimmune diagnosis isn't always BAD news
Why autoimmune disease is not being adequately addressed
The treatment strategy that most autoimmune protocols are missing
One step you can take to ensure you get the BEST care
The importance of being in cooperation with your illness
How to get out of victim mentality
What trauma can do to your body
The surprising best indicator of whether or not one can work through trauma
The difference between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system dominance
How trauma causes digestive issues.
The one thing that gets us out of a autonomic dysfunction the FASTEST
An exercise that helps you EXPERIENCE your thoughts transforming into biochemical realities
How to locate limiting beliefs that could be harming your health
A simple trick to help resolve interpersonal conflict
The digestive issue that she sees in MOST people she works with
The hidden factor she often finds in those who can't re-introduce foods
Her unique dietary protocol for healing autoimmune disease
The autoimmune protocol and paleo friendly foods she removes to help her client heal.
The tests we should use to determine where we're at one the autoimmune spectrum
The sacred paleo food that 1/3 of those she tests is sensitive to
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Just dropping by to let you know our 2nd Transformational Podcast is live! And this episode is all about how, our very own listener, Jill Samter healed her autoimmune disease and improved the health of her entire family with food!

Which is no small feat.

Because autoimmune diseases (except for Celiacs Disease) are technically "incurable."

Clearly, she's got a LOT of wisdom to share.

So take 20 minutes and have a listen! Her story is not only only incredibly inspiring, but it's also packed with practical tips for anyone trying to navigate a healthier lifestyle while raising a family.

Here's are some of the juicy tidbits you'll learn:

Why Jill went from raw food to vegan to Paleo
What a vegan diet did to her health
How she healed her autoimmune disease
How her children felt when they went from vegan to Paleo
The unanticipated positive benefit her children experienced from the addition of animal products
How she healed her children's guts
Why she thinks cereal breakfast is one of the biggest mistakes made in our culture
How her kids made the dietary transition without pushback
The food that finally got my one year old excited about eating
A fun, sneaky way to bolster your child's gut health
How to make drinking green juice fun for kids
Who did not support her children's new diet (this is shocking!)
A quick healthy recipe the kids love
A simple way to have healthy meals ready everyday
The one thing she wished she knew before her health journey

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