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Posted by Autumn Smith

The ABC's of a lean gut (and body!) with Dr. Grace Liu

Dr. Grace Liu, also know by her blog name Dr. BG Animal Pharm, is a medical pharmacist with scientific, nutritional, and pharmacological training. She has studied plant biology and nutritional science, has a doctorate in pharmacy, is a certified Crossfit Nutritionist by Robb Wolf, and has a certificate from the Institute for Functional Medicine. She currently spends her time between the Bay Area and China.

Why she left the pharmaceutical industry to study the microbiome
Why the ketogenic diet did NOT work for her
Which foods helped her heal her gut
What the microbiome is
Why there will NEVER be "microbiome" drug
What dysbiosis is and why it matters
Why you may STILL suffer from dysbiosis if you're paleo
Why some paleo adherents don't thrive at first (and how to fix this issue!)
What your poop can tell you about your health
What a fecal transplant is and the disease it can treat
An important test for gauging digestive function (hint: it's not a stool test!)
The cause of MANY digestive issues today
Why certain people can eat wheat without issues
What oxalates are and how they can harm your health
The root cause of oxalates
How I resolved my candida
Why genes are NOT destiny
What the research says about weight loss and gut health
The ABC's of a healthy lean gut
How to eat to get a lean gut
The 3 foods that RUINS your gut health
How many grams of carbs you should eat each day for ideal gut health
Fibers and foods that can improve metabolic health
The problems with resistant starch
How your hydrochloric acid levels affect your blood sugar (this is fascinating!)
What supplements you should take if you get glutenized!
Her "secret weapon" probiotic that helps her keep a flat tummy
HOW you should take your probiotics to make them most effective
Lifestyle changes you can make that help you build a healthy gut!
Why having a pet is good for your gut
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Mark is the founder and CEO of McAfee Farms and Organic Pastures Dairy Company. He is pre-med trained, a retired Paramedic and a Health Department medical educator. Mark has lectured on Raw Milk production, food safety, and nutrition at Stanford Medical School, Rutgers University, 30 different states and internationally. He is certified in HACCP management from Chapman University and has developed and implemented award winning Food Safety Plans including Raw Milk Risk Analysis & Management Plans (“RAMP”) and the 1997 Odwalla Apple Juice “Field HACCP”.

As you can see, food safety is one of Mark's specialties which made for a truly enlightening conversation. Here are some of the juicy tidbits you'll walk away with:

-Why Mark became a dairy farmer
-How a raw milk company became the #4 best selling organic brand in America
-Why raw, grass fed milk is VERY different than conventional milk
-How pasteurization creates an allergic product
-What pasteurization kills besides bad bugs
-Whether or not raw, grass fed milk IS safe
-How we know our ancestors consumed milk and cheese
-The profound, research-based benefits of raw grass fed dairy
-And much more

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Dr. Jack Tips, aka the WellnessWiz has dedicated his career to advancing the application of natural health practices and bringing to bear the latest research in his own clinic as well as passing on his vast knowledge to others. As a natural health practitioner, WellnessWiz Tips has touched the lives of thousands of people with his keen insights and foundational belief that he stands in service to the body's innate vitality from which optimal health originates.

Here's what you'll learn:
How to determine if you are suffering from suboptimal gut function
How to optimize the function of your microbiome and bolster your immune system
Why probiotics aren't always enough for optimal gut function
How to choose the perfect probiotic

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