EP. 53: The ABC’s Of A Lean Gut And Body

Tips to Help Get Your Gut Healthy!


The ABC's of a lean gut (and body!) with Dr. Grace Liu

Dr. Grace Liu, also know by her blog name Dr. BG Animal Pharm, is a medical pharmacist with scientific, nutritional, and pharmacological training. She has studied plant biology and nutritional science, has a doctorate in pharmacy, is a certified Crossfit Nutritionist by Robb Wolf, and has a certificate from the Institute for Functional Medicine. She currently spends her time between the Bay Area and China.


  • Why she left the pharmaceutical industry to study the microbiome
  • Why the ketogenic diet did NOT work for her
  • Which foods helped her heal her gut
  • What the microbiome is
  • Why there will NEVER be "microbiome" drug
  • What dysbiosis is and why it matters
  • Why you may STILL suffer from dysbiosis if you're paleo
  • Why some paleo adherents don't thrive at first (and how to fix this issue!)
  • What your poop can tell you about your health
  • What a fecal transplant is and the disease it can treat
  • An important test for gauging digestive function (hint: it's not a stool test!)
  • The cause of MANY digestive issues today
  • Why certain people can eat wheat without issues
  • What oxalates are and how they can harm your health
  • The root cause of oxalates
  • How I resolved my candida 
  • Why genes are NOT destiny
  • What the research says about weight loss and gut health
  • The ABC's of a healthy lean gut
  • How to eat to get a lean gut 
  • The 3 foods that RUINS your gut health
  • How many grams of carbs you should eat each day for ideal gut health
  • Fibers and foods that can improve metabolic health
  • The problems with resistant starch
  • How your hydrochloric acid levels affect your blood sugar (this is fascinating!)
  • What supplements you should take if you get glutenized!
  • Her "secret weapon" probiotic that helps her keep a flat tummy
  • HOW you should take your probiotics to make them most effective
  • Lifestyle changes you can make that help you build a healthy gut!
  • Why having a pet is good for your gut
  • And much more!


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