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Posted by Autumn Smith

Because even though eating more veggies, drinking INGITE tea, increasing fiber, and consuming fermented foods is an excellent starting point, there are many other important gut-healing foods to focus on to take your gut-health to the next level.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Dawn Preisendorf (MA, NC, CHWC ) and she has a master’s degree in nutrition and health education, and is a certified Wellness coach. She has also completed more than 200 additional hours of clinical training with Functional Medicine experts, and is a certified Hormone Cure Practitioner through Dr. Sara Gottfried frees women from fatigue, low energy and digestive distress. She has helped hundreds of women get to the root cause of their health problems, and reclaim vitality so they can live their lives full-out.

Here's what you'll learn:

Why she left a successful career to help people get healthy
How many people suffer from fatigue
What percentage of her clients increase their energy levels (this will shock you!)
Why fatigue is not a caffeine deficiency
Why most people are looking in the wrong places for energy
The 5 underlying causes of fatigue
Foods to eat for energy
4 Supplements that will help heal your gut
How to test for food sensitivities
How to tell if you're absorbing your nutrients properly
Why low triglyceride levels are not always a good thing
What you need to know if you have heartburn
A simple strategy for improving nutrient absorption
Gut infections that can cause fatigue
How to spot gut infections
How to treat them naturally
How hormonal imbalances cause fatigue
How to create hormonal harmony
Her favorite probiotic
The most effective digestive enzymes she's found
The herb you MUST take if you have a gut infection
The most often missed cause of fatigue
3 exercises you can do to improve energy levels
One important question to ask yourself before you attack your fatigue
The foods you should add and eliminate for vibrant energy
The best supplements for vibrant energy
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN, CNS, CHN, LDN, CFM, is Professor of Clinical Nutrition and the Director of Academic Development, Nutrition & Integrative Health at Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH). She is board certified in Clinical Nutrition, Holistic Nutrition, as a Nutrition Specialist, and in Functional Medicine. Dr. Lipski is nationally known for her pioneering work and expertise in the field of functional and integrative nutrition, and digestive health.

She is so incredibly knowledgable and this interview is PACKED with life-changing digestive health nuggets so don't miss out!

Here's what you'll learn:

What inspired her to write a book about digestion
The ROOT causes of our digestive issues today
Her #1 digestive hack
Why kids today are getting fatty livers
Why low carb diets help Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
The test your doc won't do but that you need to have if you have IBS
Herbs that can alleviate IBS
The foods you need to eliminate if you have IBS
Why stomach acid (HCL) is important for your health
How to test whether or not you have HCL issues 
2 at-home remedies for HCL insufficiency
What to do for heartburn
How to safely wean off heartburn medications
How to get to the ROOT of HCL insufficiency
What your POOP can tell you about your health
What transit time is, how to test it and why it matters
How to alleviate constipation
A important mineral for alleviating PMS
The difference between a food allergy and intolerance
The underlying factor for many digestive issues
How to detect food sensitivities
The best tests to diagnose food sensitives
How food sensitivity tests work
Two labs that offer advanced testing
Why digestive enzymes are important
What causes inadequate enzyme production
How to choose a high quality enzyme
Her favorite digestive enzymes
The enzymes she recommends for those with Celiac Disease and gluten sensitivity
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Summer Bock is a Fermentationist and founder of Guts & Glory, an online company dedicated to providing clients with the knowledge and actionable skills to heal their digestive issues naturally. Her practice is based on the premise that good health starts in the gut. She is a trained herbalist with a background in microbiology and is certified by Columbia University in Integrative Nutrition.

We met Summer at JJ Virgin's Mindshare event this summer and she was one of my favorites. She is not only incredibly knowledgable but also tons of FUN and I think you're going to love this interview!

Here are just a few of the gems you're in for:
Why fermented foods are the MOST important foods for gut healing
The many benefits of fermented foods
How to choose fermented foods at the store
How to make perfect ferments at home
Summer's favorite probiotics for optimal gut health
The population that should avoid fermented foods
What a "golden doodle" is and why you want one
A simple at-home trick for gauging your digestion
And much more!
Have a listen, add fermented foods to your diet and float through this holiday season with vibrant health!

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