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Posted by Autumn Smith

Megan has a bachelor’s degree in American Literature from UCLA and a master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. She is a writer, student, teacher, wife, and mother who works with Chinese herbs and Chinese massage. She's also been teaching others about the immune system and gut health for over 6 years!

She is knowledgable, kind and incredibly passionate about all things BABY.

So if you're feeling confused about how to nourish your little one, please listen to our podcast, and walk away with tools that enable you to feed your baby with CONFIDENCE.

Here's what you'll learn:

The different birthing methods and how to choose the best for you!
What you need to know if you have a C-section
The lifelong impacts of caesarean birth
How to mitigate the negative effects of caesarean birth
How a mamma's diet affects her breastmilk
Why what YOU are eating now affects what your baby's future dietary habits
How your gut and breastmilk are related
How your genes affect your breastmilk
Whether or not the supplemental nutrients make it into your breast milk
The benefits of extended breastfeeding
When to stop breastfeeding
How to supercharge your breast milk supply
The 4 major nutrients exclusively breastfed babies may be missing out on
What delayed cord clamping is and how it can prevent nutrient deficiencies
Why DHA supplementation is very important for pregnant mamma's
Her favorite DHA supplement
Why probiotic supplements can improve mineral counts
Her favorite probiotics for moms and babies
The best first foods for baby and when to introduce them
Her favorite first SUPERfood for babies
Foods that actually block mineral absorption for babies
Why egg yolk can be problematic for babies
Why babies shouldn't be drinking much water
WHEN babies should be eating for best results
A nighttime tonic that can help your toddler sleep
Which probiotic strains the literature has shown are effective for colic
Tips for taking care of mommas
The benefits of infant massage
And much more!

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Rochelle is the founder of & creator of The Rose Method Fertility Cleanse & Baby's First Foods Program. She has a degree in Child & family development & a holds a certificate in nutritional therapy & transformational nutrition. Her heartfelt work is focused on fertility preparation, natural pregnancy support, & nourishing tools for babyhood.

She's not only incredibly passionate, but also super sweet with LOTS of healthy-baby-gems to share.

Here's what you'll learn:

Why you have so much power in the preconception phase
The myriad benefits of breastfeeding
How the nutrient density of a mothers diet affects her milk
What to eat to improve a dwindling milk supply
The best options for those who aren't breastfeeding
Probiotic strains that are beneficial for baby
The one formula to avoid at all costs
The best time to introduce solid foods
Which foods to avoid giving baby despite conventional wisdom

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