EP219: The Power of Community and Functional Medicine With James Maskell


According to a 2018 Cigna survey HALF of Americans feel alone, isolated or left out at least some of the time. 

Even more disturbing is the fact that, recent research has revealed social stress is a more powerful predictor of mortality than…

-Physical inactivity
-Having 6 drinks a day
-Smoking 15 cigarettes a day. 

Which is why this week’s podcast is all about the power of community, the detriments of loneliness and the incredible power of functional medicine with best selling author and founder of the Functional Forum, James Maskell. 

Here are some of the fascinating topics we cover...

  • How functional medicine differs than other types of medicine
  • How we know functional medicine is more effective
  • The 3 underlying principles of functional medicine
  • Why loneliness is the BIGGEST driver of poor health outcomes
  • How to improve your social ties and build community
  • How to leverage the power of community on your health journey
  • Why it takes 17 years for research to influence medical policy
  • How to find practitioners using functional medicine and community
  • How he feels about growing up in a commune
  • His New Year’s Resolution
  • And so much more!

Many of us have set New Year’s resolutions to eat better and workout more in the New Year, but what I hope this podcast inspires you to do is also make finding community a priority, too. 

I know what James has to say will surprise and inspire you, so have a listen and share this important information with anyone you think will benefit. 



With the soul of an advocate and the mind of an entrepreneur, James Maskell has spent the past decade sparking debate innovating at the cross section of functional medicine and community. To that end, he created the Functional Forum, the world’s largest integrative medicine conference with record-setting participation online and growing physician communities around the world. His organization and best selling book of the same name, Evolution of Medicine, prepares health professionals for this new era of predictive, preventive medicine. 

He is also the Founder of KNEW Health, and affordable alternative to health insurance. He is an in demand speaker and impresario, being featured on TEDMED, HuffPostLive and TEDx, as well as lecturing internationally. He lives in Sacramento, CA with his wife and daughter.

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