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Posted by Autumn Smith

In case you haven't noticed, eating healthfully takes TIME.

Time well spent, indeed, but it can definitely be a shock to the system at first.

This was a major hurdle for me in the beginning. So much so, that it prompted my husband and I to become "snack designers," as we like to call it. smile

And while there truly is no better meal than a home-cooked one, busy modern life requires that we have high-quality alternatives. Which is why today's friendly post is dedicated to my favorite Radiate in 28-approved snacks that you can grab in a pinch and still feel like you ate a home-cooked meal.

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Posted by Autumn Smith

Are you looking for a way to turn back the clock (or age as gracefully as possible)?

Maybe you’d like to:

Minimize wrinkles
Prevent joint pain
Maintain a full (and shiny) head of hair
Preserve bone and tooth integrity
Build lean muscle mass

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