EP85: Overcoming Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) with Greg Williams

How one man Cured his wife from IBD!


Greg, a natural health specialist based in the U.K., watched his wife suffer from debilitating IBD. Greg's wife is living proof and in today's podcast, you'll hear all about what they did to transform her health when there were no other options! IBD is an autoimmune condition, so the gems in this conversation will apply to all autoimmune sufferers (and those who'd like to prevent them!)

Here's what you'll learn:

  • What is IBD?
  • How many people are suffering today?
  • The limitations of the conventional approach
  • How his wife put her IBD into remission after years of suffering
  • The commonly prescribed medication that can increase your risk of cancer
  • Whether or not surgery is useful
  • What percentage of people who have surgery still have flare ups
  • The difference between Crohn's disease and Ulcerative Colitis
  • How IBD is diagnosed
  • Why most doctors believe diet doesn't play a role in IBD (but why IBD sufferers disagree)
  • The most important (and little known) factor to address for IBD remission
  • What foods commonly trigger IBD
  • The 3 most common factors contributing to IBD
  • Why multiple food sensitivities are often a sign of something deeper
  • The 3 most common causes of multiple food sensitivities
  • How to conduct an elimination diet
  • The little-known food that many Crohn's sufferers shouldn't eat
  • Which test he always recommends
  • Why he discourages IgG testing in the beginning stages of IBD treatment
  • The 2 biggest mistakes most people make when treating IBD
  • Why stress is such a huge issue in IBD
  • How to reduce stress
  • Why your beliefs (and those of your doctor) often determine your outcome
  • Why he hopes Donald Trump writes a self-help book
  • Why he admires Arnold Schwarzennegar
  • How to change your belief systems
  • The morning routine he uses to get his day started off on the right food
  • My 5 minute morning routine
  • And much more!


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