EP301: The Copper Cure with Morley Robbins

Iron deficiency anemia is the most common nutrient deficiency worldwide affecting more than one billion people resulting in symptoms like: 

  • Weakness
  • Impaired cognitive function
  • Decreased immune function
  • Developmental issue

And while many of us turn to iron supplements to raise iron levels - Morley Robbins, mineral
expert, author of the Copper Cure, and today’s podcast guest, believes there is much more to the story.

In fact, Morley believes iron deficiency anemia is a copper, rather than iron, issue.

Tune in to this week’s podcast for a fascinating exploration of iron-related issues, the best foods and supplements for improving iron status, and these fun facts…

  • The valuable roles of copper for health
  • Symptoms of copper-deficiency
  • Why copper is misunderstood
  • The true causes of anemia
  • The food that cures anemia
  • How to improve copper status
  • Why ferritin is a poor marker for iron status in pregnancy
  • Why too much iron is harmful 
  • The 3 best sources of whole-food copper
  • How to properly test copper and iron status
  • Common lifestyle factors that harm copper
  • When vitamin A toxicity may not be a concern
  • How to talk to your doctor about your copper/iron status

Morley has a grasp on the literature and practical implications of this topic, like no one else I have ever interviewed!!

I know you will love this conversation and I sincerely hope it's helpful!!


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Morley Robbins, aka “Magnesium Man,” is a self-taught mineral expert. While his stage name is “Magnesium Man,” and he started the website, as well as a FB Group named Magnesium Advocacy Group, he ONLY writes and speaks about excess, unbound Iron, and its devastating oxidative impact on Copper and Magnesium status in our cells and in our body.


Trust me, there’s a REASON for that IRON-ic focus…

He has now written 75 Posts on Iron Toxicity, and will continue to do so, to bring GREATER awareness to the central roles that a LACK of Bioavailable Copper, and too little Magnesium, coupled with excess, unbound Iron play in ALL Chronic Disease, whether we’re talking about heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, and any chronic condition borne out of Inflammation or autoimmune dysfunction. The unknown, untaught and undiagnosed, but undeniably foundational Copper <> Iron Dysregulation is the KEY to understanding today’s pandemic of Chronic Disease.
Left unchecked, Copper<>Iron Dysregulation builds in the body, generates an imbalance of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and this metabolic dyshomeostasis fosters the creation of what he calls the “Ferrous Wheel” of symptoms that sit in the seats. These Symptoms become the priority focus of practitioner interventions, but Morley teaches practitioners, from a wide spectrum of training, to FOCUS ON THE AXLE of Copper<>Iron Dysregulation, the SOURCE of the problem.

As a certified health coach, Morley has specialized expertise in interpreting mineral metabolism, particularly as impacted by “Stressors!” that are revealed in both HTMAs (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) and a specialized blood panel that he devised and trains practitioners to use in their practice. He has now performed over 5,500 one-on-one consultations with clients in 45 countries around the world, and has trained almost 200 professionals and laymen in these concepts through his Copernican Institute. 

He has spoken regularly at Wellness Conferences in Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA and will be a speaker at The Forum for Integrative Medicine this March, 2019 in Seattle, WA. He is also a regular guest on about 15 different health-oriented Podcasts and Radio Shows. 

His new website, [url=][/url] has a treasure trove of information on his philosophy, protocol and papers on his daily research.


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