EP268: Transforming Negative Thought Patterns for Hormonal Balance with Megan Blacksmith

Many people today suffer from hormonal imbalance. 

And while dietary change, detox, and supplements can be extremely helpful, sometimes it’s not enough. 

In fact, repeated negative thoughts (and thought patterns) can release stress hormones that wreak havoc on hormonal balance no matter how many other positive changes you make. 

So if you’ve done all the right things and STILL suffer from hormonal issues, then today’s podcast with certified holistic health coach, FDN practitioner, and hormone expert, Megan Blacksmith of Zesty Ginger is for you! Here are some of the topics we cover:

  • The food sensitivity that can cause only neurological symptoms
  • The link between your thoughts and food sensitivities 
  • How to access your intuition
  • One simple step for building confidence
  • How thoughts affect neurotransmitters and hormones
  • A 4-step process for transforming your beliefs and thought patterns
  • The different emotional states of your cycle (and why it’s helpful to know them!)
  • The best time of your month to slow down, be productive, and revaluate
  • How to separate your identity from your illness
  • 2 health-supportive elixirs to start your day 
  • And so much more!

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Megan Blacksmith is a certified holistic health coach, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and also a graduate of Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Practitioner training and is currently training to become an NLP practitioner.

After her own postpartum health crash (what she calls falling off the hormone cliff) after her first child 10 years ago, all her regular lab work said that she was “perfect” while she felt miserable Finding functional medicine. holistic nutrition and the power of the mind/body connection she was able to see that there really was an imbalance, and more importantly, there was something she could do about it!

In the Zesty Ginger duo of Megan and Dr. Alex, Megan focuses on the power of our thoughts, beliefs, energy, and frequency in a health journey.

Megan is one of the founders of the Healthy Hormones group program, Flight or Flight Fix and Zestier as well as co-host of the 4 Phase Cycle Podcast.


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