EP239: 12 Steps to a Resilient Immune System with Dr. Tom O’Bryan


If you want to learn about 12 steps you can take today to build a resilient immune system - tune in to this week’s INCREDIBLE podcast with best selling author and immune expert, Dr. Tom O’Bryan. 

Here are some of the fascinating facts we chat about:

  • The little known cause of brain issues (and the simple fix)!
  • Factors that make you vulnerable to viruses 
  • How to know if you have a strong immune system
  • The mainstream medical procedure that killed over 80% of the people using it
  • The most common causes of a weakened immune system
  • The food that gives people leaky gut every time they consume it
  • The commonly used substance that triggers your immune system
  • The toxin that kills brain cells
  • The bedroom toxin that triggers your immune system
  • The question you must ask yourself to build a stronger immune system
  • The simple natural home addition that improves air quality 
  • The best food sensitivity (and leaky gut) test on the market 
  • Why many people don’t get enough prebiotics
  • The 5 step process for a healthier microbiome (and immune system)
  • The simple recipe that improves gut health dramatically
  • The nutrient that stops viral shedding
  • What an ionophore is and why you need to know about it 
  • Why the right type of tonic water may improve immune function
  • The best type of vitamin C
  • How much vitamin C Dr. O’Bryan takes every day
  • How to check your vitamin D status (and why it matters)
  • How to prevent a cytokine storm
  • And so much more!

There is almost nothing more important than a healthy immune system today so please share this important information with anyone and everyone you love! 


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Dr. O’Bryan is considered a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ for chronic disease and teaches that recognizing  and addressing the underlying mechanisms that activate an immune response is the map to the  highway towards better health. He holds teaching Faculty positions with the Institute for Functional  Medicine and the National University of Health Sciences. He has trained and certified tens of  thousands of practitioners around the world in advanced understanding of the impact of wheat  sensitivity and the development of individual autoimmune diseases.  

When it comes to getting healthy, Dr. Tom O'Bryan’s goal for you  is ‘Making It Easy To Do the Right Thing’. As an internationally  recognized, admired and compassionate speaker focusing on food  sensitivities, environmental toxins, and the development of  autoimmune diseases, Dr. Tom's audiences discover that it is  through a clear understanding of how you got to where you are,  that you and your Dr. can figure out what it will take to get you  well. 


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