EP193: Non-Toxic Skincare with Rachel Pachivas


Much like processed junk food, there are SO many JUNK skin care products on the market. 

Ones that promise fewer breakouts, softer, wrinkle-free skin and a radiant glow, but are filled with so many chemicals that they make things worse. 

Believe me, I used to have the worst skin. I spent my twenties trying product after product. 

The good news? I’ve found a few skin care tricks and tips (as well as products) that have helped me get the kind of skin I’ve always wanted. So in today’s podcast, we’re talking all things skin with the COO of one of my all-time favorite organic, natural skin care companies, Annmarie Skin Care. Here are some of the enlightening tidbits you’re in for:

  • 2 Ingredients you NEED to avoid in skin care products
  • Why certain oils are great for your skin (and others are a big no-no!)
  • How to identify your skin type
  • What greenwashing is, and how to avoid it
  • The link between low stomach acid and acne (and how to improve stomach acid levels)
  • Foods that nourish the skin
  • What an anti-aging skin care routine looks like
  • How to get some awesome skin care for FREE (just pay the cost of shipping)
  • How to revitalize your facial muscles while working!

I hope you love this short and sweet episode as much as I did. <3

Show Notes:

Take the QUIZ to Learn Your Skin Type & Get Your Sample Kit + 3 FREE Serum Samples HERE!


As Annmarie Skin Care’s COO, Rachel keeps the company growing with grace. Since 2012 she has expanded the business while keeping the culture aligned with their values. Her main roles are behind the scenes operations–product research & development, branding & style, budgeting, and HR–all while leading & growing the team, and working to increase education on organics, chemicals, and the skin care industry. Her desire to create beautiful spaces and atmospheres brought her to an education in Interior Design and shortly after inspired her to travel to see the beauties of the world. It was traveling Australia that really sparked who she is today–she learned about organic farming and permaculture, natural skin care, herbs and natural medicine. During her mid to late twenties she spent time as a political organizer, working on food transparency-related issues, and today she continues to contribute to projects around food sovereignty, and toxic chemicals in the skin care industry and in our everyday lives. Annmarie Skin Care is the perfect fit for her–as they provide organic and wildcrafted skin care to people around the world, with the goal to move chemicals off of the shelves and out of the industry. With her love and passion for healthy lifestyles, creating comfortable environments and community organizing she hopes to always bring thought, love and drive into the growth, team, and culture of ASC.

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