EP108: Mastering Your Diabetes with Dr. Mona Morstein

“It’s not diabetes but uncontrolled diabetes that’s the problem.”


Dr. Mona Morstein is a naturopathic physician with a medical practice focused in integrative diabetes treatment. Her clinic, Arizona Integrative Medical Solutions, is located in Tempe, Arizona, where she sees patients of all ages and genders for acute and chronic conditions. An expert on pre-diabetes and diabetes, she is a frequent lecturer at conferences and webinars and is the founder and executive director of The Low Carb Diabetes Association. Dr. Mona knows has been helping people manage their diabetes for over 25 years so listen in and learn what it takes to keep your diabetes (and blood sugar) under control. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The many types of diabetes
  • The pitfalls of conventional diabetes treatment
  • Whether or not type 1 diabetes is manageable
  • The food that you’ll definitely want to eliminate to prevent type 1 diabetes
  • The type of diabetes that’s often misdiagnosed
  • The test you need to determine if you’ve been misdiagnosed
  • The dietary approach (es) that’s helped Mona manage diabetes successfully for over 25 years!
  • The downside to vegan diets for children
  • What your blood sugar numbers mean
  • The shortcoming of HA1C measurements
  • A new and improved test for glucose management
  • What the “dawn phenomenon” is and how to fix it!
  • The link between diabetes and oral health
  • Whether or not she recommends a keto diet for diabetics
  • LIfestyle strategies for managing diabetes
  • The shocking link between poor sleep and diabetes
  • The best diabetes supplement on the market
  • And SO much more!


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