EP94: 3 Steps for Long Term VIBRANT Health with Lisa Perkins

Start living a healthier life, NOW! Listen in, to find out how!


Lisa is a certified nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coach and master’s trained researcher who has helped numerous clients reclaim their health, lose excess weight, and rediscover their passion for life. Lisa has created a step-by-step template you can use to get the results you've been dreaming of. Best of all? She'll tell you exactly what you need to do to keep them! What could be better than that?

She's also candid self-deprecating, HILARIOUS, humble and she shoots from the hip! So if you're stuck in a rut or want to know how to finally get the results you've been after, have a listen! I think you're going to love what she has to say. 😊

Here's what'll you'll learn:

  • WHY YOU MUST build a house for long-term health 
  • How to overcome the negative voices that tell you, "you can't!"
  • The 3 steps to getting results you can keep
  • The ONE question you must know the answer to
  • Why some motivations are more conducive to success than others
  • Why wanting to look a certain way DOESN'T encourage health (or happiness!)
  • The food trick that she requires ALL her clients do
  • What your MOJO bucket is and why it matters
  • How to identify things that boost your MOJO
  • The one strategy that allows for healthy eating all week long
  • Her most powerful tool for transformation
  • Why you often lose steam after 3 week
  • Why Lisa rarely tells her clients what NOT to eat
  • Why avoiding drama positively affects health
  • The one group of foods you'll definitely want to eliminate
  • The reason you should make gratitude a regular part of your day
  • Why you can't skip the part where you get to know yourself
  • How to be a good quitter
  • How to build integrity and why it matters
  • Why curiosity is key to long-term success
  • The question you need to ask when you experience a craving
  • How to silence your inner child
  • And much more!


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