EP291: Healing Food Sensitivities with Steven Wright

The incidence of food reactions (allergies, intolerances, sensitivities) is on the rise.

But what many people don't know is that it is possible to heal certain types of food reactions.

(Celiac Disease and food allergies, being a notable exception!)

When my son was younger he reacted to several foods like wheat, corn, dairy and sometimes even chocolate.

And while the elimination diet did help us manage his symptoms - avoiding so many foods was stressful, especially as he started going to school.

Thankfully, my dear friend Steven Wright (engineer, gut expert and founder of Healthy Gut) helped me heal my son’s food sensitivities from the root.

Today, my son can essentially eat all foods except for those that contain gluten.

This change was so miraculous for our family, that I invited Steven on to the podcast this week so that he can teach you all how to heal food sensitivities from the root. Here are some of the fascinating tidbits we cover: 

  • What causes food sensitivities? 
  • The difference between food sensitivities and food allergies
  • 3 little known reasons the incidence of food reaction is rising
  • Why PPIs can be dangerous
  • Why stomach acid is not the enemy
  • The most common food reactions
  • 3 issues that underlie food sensitivities
  • The incredible importance of short chain fatty acid (and how to find them)
  • Why food elimination diets are not enough
  • The 4 steps for healing food reactions
  • The best supplements for healing food sensitivities
  • How to prevent food allergies and sensitivities in kids
  • And so much more!

I hope you love this podcast as much as I did! Please tag someone in the comments who you think will benefit from this information and use these principles as you head into the holiday season.


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Steven Wright is a Medical Engineer, Kalish Functional Medicine Institute Graduate, and gut health specialist. He’s spent close to $400,000 overcoming his own health challenges using everything from western medicine to shamans. Steven is the founder of He lives in Boulder, CO with his fiancé Shay and their two dogs.


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