EP263: Is Mold Damaging Your Health? (and What to Do About It!) with Ryan Monahan

It’s not talked about nearly enough, but chronic symptoms such as nasal congestion, postnasal drip, eye swelling, runny nose, headache, and facial pain can be indicators of mold illness.

In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, 96% of sinusitis is due to mold and fungal overgrowth. 

Which is why in this week’s podcast with my friend, mold expert (and fellow FDN practitioner), Ryan Monahan, we talk all about the many, underappreciated ways mold can negatively impact your health. 

Most importantly, we talk about how to identify, diagnose and treat mold illness. Here are some of the other fascinating topics we cover….

  • The #1 food contaminated with mold
  • Common symptoms that may indicate you are suffering from mold illness
  • The real reason you get coffee jitters
  • The healthy foods that can make mold issues worse
  • Why and how mold is so damaging
  • The common conditions linked to mold issues 
  • What mycotoxins are - and why they matter
  • The best test for determining if there is mold in your home.
  • The biomarkers that clue you in to the fact that you may have mold issues 
  • The best supplements for mold detoxification
  • The MOST important thing to do if you have mold issues
  • The $15 at-home online test you can take to identify a potential mold issue
  • And so much more!

According to Ryan, 24% of the population has a genetic predisposition that makes them more susceptible to mold illness. 

So tune in now and don’t forget to share this with anyone you think it might help.


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Ryan Monahan is a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P), clinical advisor for the medical director program at FDN, and certified Autoimmune Protocol Coach with a passion for uncovering hidden stressors that contribute to thyroid disease. Ryan spent over 10 years visiting more than 40 health professionals to find answers to his chronic health complaints until being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in 2012. Since then, his mission has been to change the dialogue about chronic disease towards a holistic, functional approach.

With the help of cutting-edge functional lab work, Ryan helps his clients to identify the true root causes of their primary health challenges so that they can stop wasting time and resources, and start living their best life. 

Typically, his clients are those who have struggled with finding relief from their autoimmune symptoms. Oftentimes, they feel that they’ve “tried everything”, and that traditional medicine hasn’t served them. In his experience, there is a better way.

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