EP258: Optimizing Your Genes for a Resilient Immune System with Dr. Stephanie Davis

It has become clear this year that immune responses to similar exposures can be wildly different.

And while the reasons were once a mystery, advancements in genomics are now providing answers.

In other words, we are now better able to understand why one person gets sick and another remains healthy despite similar exposures.

Most importantly, we are now better able to provide targeted interventions that help people get well and stay well.

And in today’s podcast, one of my dear friends and a 15 year veteran of functional medicine, Dr. Stephanie Davis, teaches us about 4 genetic markers you can monitor to assess your immune function and simple strategies for building your resilient immune system. 

(This podcast goes way deeper than most conversations around immune health today, so get ready to take notes!)

Here are some of the awesome tidbits you’re in for:

  • The 2 nutrients that are critical for immune health
  • The “healthy” food that can hamper immune health
  • The nutrient that improves zinc absorption 
  • How to keep your personal genetic data private
  • The 4 genetic markers to follow for immune health
  • The best types of fish oil to reduce inflammation
  • 3 supplements that reliably reduce inflammation
  • Her favorite anti-inflammatory enzymes (and how to take them)
  • The supplements she took when she got sick
  • Her favorite vitamin D supplements
  • The other vitamin D marker you need to monitor
  • The best way to measure zinc status
  • How to take zinc for best results
  • The best way to take a multivitamin 
  • Why you never want to “treat” genetic tests alone
  • Lifestyle strategies for a stronger immune system
  • Her daily supplemental strategy
  • The often-missed supplement for awesome sleep and better immunity
  • And so much more!

If you care about a healthy immune response, this is not the show to miss.

I sincerely hope it’s helpful.


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Dr. Stephanie Davis, D.C. is a 15-year veteran of functional medicine practice.  She experienced and overcame her own health challenges with Hashimoto's, eczema, and infertility due to mold and Epstein-Barr virus. Her experience enduring this journey drives her passion to treat both mamas and their kids. Her approach to addressing the whole person and uncovering root causes incorporates an extensive history, labs, emotional health, and genetics when possible. 

Stephanie is also the Research Director for LivingMatrix where she contributes to programs such as PureGenomics and other personalized medicine programs. 


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