EP254: The Profound Power of Light Exposure for Overall Health (and How to Get Away With a Cheat Meal) with Matt Maruca

Food quality is paramount, but it might surprise you to know WHEN you eat may be just as important. Why?

Because light exposure profoundly impacts metabolism. 

Meaning, there IS a time of day we can get away with a cheat meal and a time when even a healthy meal may not be doing our health any favors. 

Tune into this week’s podcast with photobiology expert and founder of Ra Optics, Matt Maruca, to learn all about simple ways you can use light exposure to optimize (or negatively impact) your health. Here are a few of the fun facts you’re in for...

  • The best time of day for a cheat meal
  • A simple morning habit for healthier hormones
  • Why light exposure may be as important as food quality
  • The most important body part we need to expose to light
  • The link between fish and light exposure (this is truly fascinating!)
  • How to prevent a sunburn without sunblock
  • Why you should ditch your sunglasses
  • Why krill oil is different than fish oil
  • The effect of sex on epigenetics
  • The KEY to a long, happy life (hint: it’s not genetics)
  • The common daily habit that damages your mitochondria (and why it matters)
  • The mitochondria-healing hormone (and how to boost levels)
  • And so much more!

Tune in and share this podcast with anyone you know who might benefit. 

Thanks for listening, friends!


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Matt Maruca is a student, educator, and entrepreneur in the field of Photobiology, the study of how light affects human health. He is the founder of Ra Optics, which develops the world’s highest quality blue light protection glasses. He began his health journey while in school after having suffered from poor health and chronic fatigue for years. He chose to skip the standard path of higher education to start his own business and pursue his passion of self-education and building optimal health to experience life to its fullest extent. He travels the world, studying and teaching about the relevance of light in human health.

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