EP246: The Best Enzymes For Better Digestion and Less Inflammation with Steven Wright

By now you've likely heard that enzymes can improve digestion.

It may surprise you, though, to know that enzymes can support optimal health in MANY empirically documented ways.

Certain enzymes support healthy levels of inflammation.

Others have been shown to reduce blood sugar and triglycerides. 

There are even enzymes that can support immune function.

BUT, not all enzymes are created equally.

Some support health beautifully, while others can actually detract from it. 

Tune in to today's fascinating podcast with health engineer and creator of, Steven Wright, to learn about how to tell the difference. 

You’ll also learn why enzymes are one of the most powerful and often overlooked health strategies, how to identify high quality versions and where to try some of my favorites on the market! 

Here are some highlights from our chat:

  • A simple, super cheap supplement for a healthier brain, bigger muscles and better sleep
  • Why enzymes are critical for optimal health
  • The difference between systemic and digestive enzymes
  • Signs that you have low levels of enzymes
  • The enzymes that may help lower your blood sugar and triglycerides
  • Why certain enzymes can deplete your minerals (and why that matters)
  • Steve’s favorite anxiety hack
  • What brush border enzymes are - and why they are SUPER important
  • 2 things you should know before buying enzymes
  • And much more!

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Steven Wright is a health engineer, author and known as the Maverick healer.  He's spent over $350,000 on his own health challenges, co-founded HealthyGut a digestive health community 10 years ago, and is trained in functional medicine at the Kalish Institute.  He's deeply devoted to helping humans integrate their pain and challenges into gifts for the world.


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