EP241: My Go-To Herbal Solution for Gut Healing and Immune Support with Sara Treffert


Today I want to introduce you to one the most effective herbal supplements I’ve ever found for immune system support, gut healing, microbiome balance and overall wellness.

In fact, this product has been around for more than 30 years and Great Smoky Laboratories has called it “one of the most powerful formulas” they have ever tested.   

- I use it when I travel.
I use it when I feel run down.
- Or when I want to prevent getting sick.

I also use it in gut-healing protocol for my clients.

And the results are truly impressive!

So if you want to learn about a research-backed strategy to support a healthy immune response and balance your microbiome, check out this fascinating chat with Sara Treffert, Clinical Consultant for Bio-Botanical Research. 

Here are just a few topics we cover:

  • A simple strategy to help you eat less
  • How to kill bad gut bacteria (and protect the good ones!)
  • The film hiding in your gut that could prevent healing (and how to get rid of it!)
  • What SigA is and why it’s essential for your immune system (and how to bolster your levels)
  • The thing everyone with SIBO needs to do 
  • An herbal remedy for constipation
  • The link between oral health and gut health
  • How to naturally prevent cavities
  • Why you need to replace your toothbrush regularly
  • The link between candida and your teeth
  • The surprising number of pathogens in your mouth
  • Hope for people with Lyme disease
  • The benefits of liposomes
  • The supplement that helps you detox your gut
  • The probiotic that can help with allergies (and inflammation reduction)
  • The one step you can take today for a stronger immune system (without the fuss)!
  • And much more!

Please share this important information so we can all feel our best!


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Sara Treffert, FDN-P, is a Clinical Consultant and the Director of Marketing for Bio-Botanical Research.   She started with the company after continually seeing the dramatic results using the product line personally and with her clients.  She truly embodies a WHOLEistic approach, teaching and inspiring others to achieve a balanced and healthy life naturally.


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