EP228: Healing Hormones Naturally with High Quality Maca with James Frame


Many women I work with today suffer from cycle-related issues like:

  • Cramps
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood issues
  • Low libido 
  • Night sweats
  • Acne

It’s a HUGE problem. 

Fortunately, I’ve found an all-natural herbal solution that re-balances hormones AND improves cholesterol profiles. The best part?

This solution was the first natural herbal product able to demonstrate statistically significant impacts on multiple hormones in women with hormonal imbalance. 

It also has the highest success rate EVER of any menopausal product. 

Pretty impressive, right? 

So if you’re ready to balance your hormones naturally tune in NOW as I chat with the founder of Symphony Natural Health, James Frame. 

Here are some of the fascinating subjects we dive into:

  • Why healthy hormones = graceful aging
  • The herb that nourishes your adrenals
  • What the HPA axis is and why it matters
  • The MANY benefits of maca
  • Why not all types of maca improve hormones
  • The link between hormones and heart disease
  • The truth about adaptogens
  • The different types of maca and what they’re good for
  • The risks of hormonal therapy
  • The most important criteria for choosing a high-quality maca
  • The difference between maca and Femmenessence
  • And so much more! 

Don’t forget to share this life-changing information with anyone who might benefit. 


Resources We Mention:

Femmenessence - learn more HERE! - Buy 2 get 1 FREE! Special offer automatically applied at checkout.

Himalayan Crystal Salt - learn more HERE! - Special discount for new customers on Himalayan Crystal Salt  Intro Pack.



James Frame has been in the natural products industry for 23 years and has studied nutrition, exercise physiology and herbal products from around the world. He is the CEO and co-founder of Symphony Natural Health, an international natural products company, that operates in 18 countries around the world and controls the supply chain of all of its products from seed to shelf.


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