EP216: Kiss the Ground (Soil Advocate Training) with Finian Makepeace


According to the USDA, 95% of Americans are deficient in at least one nutrient.  

Even more shocking is that in order to get the vitamin A content from one orange our grandparents ate, we’d need to consume 8 today. 

Why is this happening?

One of the major reasons is our soil (and therefore the food we grow in our soil) is nutrient DEPLETED. The situation is so dire, in fact, that according to the FAO we only have 60 years of topsoil left. 

This is a BIG problem with many devastating consequences. 

Sadly, most people don’t fully understand why healthy soil is important or how to support food producers that regenerate our soil and planet. 

(No judgies - I used to be one of them!)

Which is why this week’s podcast with Finian Makepeace, soil specialist and co-founder of Kiss the Ground, is devoted to breaking down the many detrimental outcomes of degraded soils AND the simple dietary steps we can take to restore nutrient density and environmental health. 

Because every time we eat - we vote for SOMETHING. 

Whether it’s:

  • CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations)
  • GMOs
  • Pesticides
  • Monocultures
  • Organic/biodynamic produce
  • Regenerative agriculture

Each of our choices has an impact. 

So if you’re ready to wield the power of your fork for GOOD and become a truly conscious consumer and soil advocate tune in now! 

Here are some of the enlightening topics we dig into:

  • Why sustainable is not enough
  • Why not all grass fed beef restores the environment
  • Why cows can be GOOD for the environment
  • Why too much carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is dangerous
  • The crazy cool way plants store carbon
  • The amount of insects killed by agricultural chemicals
  • Why pesticides are like antibiotics
  • Why the health of our soil can make or break our health
  • The 4 ways conventional agriculture destroys our environment
  • The 4 questions you should ask your farmer 
  • The surprising fact experts didn’t understand about soil health until recently 
  • Why monocultures (even organic carrots) are bad for the environment
  • Why CAFOs are not the answer
  • The 5 HUGE environmental problems healthy soil can fix
  • The 2 important steps we can take as consumers
  • How you can become a soil advocate
  • And so much more! 

Listen in, choose wisely and let’s heal our soil and planet together! 

Please share this podcast with as many people as you can! This message needs to be heard. Thanks for tuning in. 



Learn more about Kiss the Ground Soil Advocate Training HERE!



Finian Makepeace is the co-founder of Kiss the Ground and a renowned presenter, media creator, and thought leader in the field of regenerative agriculture and soil health. He has developed training programs, workshops, and talks designed to empower people around the world to become confident advocates for this growing movement. Additionally, he has co-created multiple world-renowned media pieces that share the solution of regenerative agriculture. His background as a leader of a band and lifelong activist has given him the unique opportunity to blend his artistic vision with his ability to organize and advocate for this growing, global, and diverse community. His “calling” that people know they can change the world and he believes that with enough new advocates promoting the ancient wisdom and new science of regenerative agriculture and ecosystem restoration we can heal our planet.


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