EP213: 3 Steps for Improving Mood with Food with Autumn Smith


Since I was a teen, I’ve struggled with mental health issues that no doctor (or psychiatrist) knew how to treat. 

It wasn’t until I adopted the paleo diet and suddenly felt calmer, clearer and happier than I had in YEARS, that I understood the food I was eating was affecting my emotions.  

Today, the link between food and mood is a burgeoning area of research and something I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying, which is why this week’s podcast is devoted to the 3 steps I’ve taken to keep my mood more stable than it’s been in all my life AND some of the awesome new research I think you’ll benefit from knowing about. 

Here are some of the other topics I cover: 

  • Common side effects of psychiatric meds
  • The foods moms eat when they’re pregnant that increase their child’s risk of mental health issues
  • The link between gluten and schizophrenia and psychosis
  • Hidden sources of gluten
  • Why the wrong kind of dairy may provoke mental health issues
  • The nutrient deficiency that almost ⅓ of those who are depressed suffer from 
  • The super nutrient that helps keep me calm
  • The most important foods and nutrients for mental health
  • The food that will keep your brain 11 years younger if you consume it daily
  • The simple trick I used to avoid mood fluctuations
  • The link between depression and type 2 diabetes
  • The link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s
  • The lifestyle hacks I use to keep my mood stable
  • The 2 perspective shifts that have improved my mood significantly
  • My New Year’s resolution
  • And so much more!

Show Notes:

A Mind of Your Own by Dr. Brogan

Dr. Georgia Ede on Keto & Depression

The Tracy Anderson Method 

Increased risk of future addiction - (thesis) / Increased risk of suicide for those on antidepressants (and GlaxoSmithKline’s $3 billion fine)

Increased risk of suicide in kids 

Fascinating gluten case studies 

Sneaky sources of gluten 

Upcoming research on mood and dairy 

High quality animal products at wholesale prices 

Vitamin B12 testing guidelines from Dr. Brogan 

Vitamin C and mental health review 

The difference between whole food vitamin C and ascorbic acid 

How to track your micros 

Dr. Masterjohn’s Nutritional Cheat Sheet

Oura Ring 

Mental Health and keto review 

Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf (how to test carbs individually) 

Thriving Little’s IG account

Brain Changer 

Grain Brain 

Optimum Nutrition for the Mind 

Paleovalley Products

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