EP209: The Truth About Raw Dog Food with DeDe Murcer Moffett


A few weeks ago as a new pet owner, I took my new puppy Charlie to the vet and inquired about the perfect diet for my new puppy. 

“Almost all vets feed their pups Purina and other kibble,” my vet said. 

“What about raw dog food? That’s what we’ve been giving her?” I replied. 

"Well, raw dog food can contain bacteria that can be an issue.” said the vet. 

And so we switched to a high quality kibble. 

Within just a few days we noticed a profound difference in our Charlie girl. 

...She was tired. She was whining. She wanted to go outside 6 times an hour to go to the bathroom. 

She just wasn’t herself. 

So to get to the bottom of whether or not raw dog food really was dangerous or beneficial, I asked the founder of Raw Dog Food, DeDe Murcer Moffett, to break it down for us. 

Turns out, there is TONS of controversy when it comes to how to nourish our puppies and I think you’ll be surprised (and definitely entertained) by what she has to say. 

Here are some of the awesome topics we cover:

  • Why puppies began eating kibble (this will surprise you!)
  • Why it is clear that dogs eat meat
  • The one macronutrient that most dogs DON’T need (but most dog food is made from!)
  • Why many vets recommend kibble
  • The amino acid that dogs need to thrive
  • Whether or not we need to be worried about bacteria on a raw food diet
  • Why mixing raw and kibble is not a great idea (whoops!)
  • How to find a truly holistic vet
  • How DeDe knows her pups diet is supporting her gut health
  • How to test your puppy’s microbiome
  • The famous study that shows us exactly what our pets need to thrive
  • How to find high quality, properly sourced raw food 
  • Why organic isn’t always the best way to go 
  • How to cut your raw dog food costs dramatically 
  • How to get your vet on board with raw dog food
  • Dogs that should not consume raw dog food
  • How to get her raw dog food feeding guide for free 
  • And much more!

Listen in now to learn a whole lot about what you could be doing for your furry family member's health, starting today! And don't forget to share this important information! 

Show Notes:

Raw Dog Food and Co

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DeDe Murcer Moffett is the CEO of Raw Dog Food and Company, The host of the podcast "The Raw Dog Food Truth" and a 20 Year Veteran of Feeding a Pure Raw Species Appropriate Diet for Pets. DeDe's company is a direct to consumer pure raw pet food distributor based in Denver Colorado. Raw Dog Food and Company's slogan is "Friends Don't Let Friends Feed Kibble" where pet parents learn why people and pets thrive on a non processed low carb diet.

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