EP205: How to Lose Weight, Live Longer and Stay Sharper with Fasting Expert, Siim Land


Fasting is easily one of the most powerful dietary strategies we have today. 

Research has shown it can improve weight loss, detoxification, brain function, and promote longevity. It’s also been shown to decrease side effects of chemotherapy, reduce the risk of cancer in animal models, and I’ve even noticed it improves my mood dramatically.

BUT, there are many things you need to know before you jump in if you want to succeed. 

The longest fast on record, for example, was 382 days completed by a Scottish man named Angus Barbieri. He lived on soda, vitamins, water, and coffee and lost 276 pounds. 

Obviously, that is not where you begin. 

(He was monitored by his doctors the whole time - do NOT try this at home!)

In this podcast, you'll learn how you can still eat everyday and reap the benefits with the advanced (yet practical) strategies from best selling author, speaker, anthropologist and biohacker, Siim Land. 

Here are some of the gems you’re in for...

  • The many benefits of fasting 
  • How you can lose fat without eating less
  • How to age more gracefully
  • How to trigger more autophagy
  • How to know when to stop fasting
  • The best type of coffee to consume while fasting
  • A perfect beverage to kick autophagy into overdrive
  • The difference between time restricted eating and fasting
  • What you need to take on 3-5 day fasts
  • Why he’s not a fan of long term fasts
  • The perfect food to break a fast 
  • The best time to fast during the day
  • Strategies for improved sleep
  • Where to begin!

...And so much more. 

Tune in now! And please share this podcast with a friend you think may benefit.

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