EP199: The Truth About Wild & Farm Raised Salmon with Cody Gill


Farm raised and wild salmon are two different foods. Not only in their nutritional profiles, but also in the way they impact the environment. 

Sadly, MOST of the fish you find on the market and in restaurants is NOT wild.

(YES, even in many super fancy restaurants.)

So, if you’re ready to learn how to choose the highest quality and most sustainable salmon on the market, do yourself a favor and tune in now! 

Here are a few fun facts you’ll learn: 

  • What makes Alaskan salmon super sustainable
  • Why the color of farm raised salmon and wild salmon is so different
  • What farm raised salmon are fed to help them grow more quickly
  • Why we want to avoid antibiotics in the fish we eat
  • The nutritional differences between farmed and wild salmon 
  • The ONLY way to know the salmon you’re choosing is not GMO salmon
  • The one type of salmon you’ll always want to avoid
  • How to choose the highest quality and most sustainable salmon on the market

I hope you love this podcast as much as I did! Don’t forget to share this podcast with someone who needs this information. Friends don’t let friends eat low quality salmon. 


Cody has been a commercial salmon fisherman in Bristol Bay, Alaska for almost ten years now.  The seasons typically run about six weeks every summer and in the fall he heads south for a Brine Shrimp fishery on the Great Salt Lake.  Cody was born and raised in Helena, Montana and that is where he currently reside between fishing seasons. While home with his wife and 6 month old son, Cody runs a sockeye salmon distribution company.  He truly enjoys bringing their salmon to people in the lower 48, where quality seafood can often be hard to come by.

Show Notes:

Learn More About Wild Pastures HERE!

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