Guest Podcast: Food as Medicine for Healing & Optimal Health with Paul Chek



A Note From Paul Chek:

Your food can be enlivening… it can be medicine… and eating can be a joyous, spiritual experience.

Or it can be one of the most overwhelming sources of stress in your life.

The key is to make conscious choices, well-informed choices about what you put in your mouth.

10 years ago, our options for healthy food were very limited. Today, I’m more and more optimistic about our opportunities for healthy eating. That’s due in large part to people like Autumn Smith.

Autumn had experienced extreme digestive issue beginning as a teenager. After adopting the Paleo Diet, eliminating refined foods, and eating grass fed meats and fresh fruits and vegetables, her symptoms began to disappear.

The realization that food can heal led to Autumn’s dream. The story of Autumn’s dream and how it has manifested in her company Paleovalley is the subject of this week’s episode of my podcast.

In our discussion, Autumn and I talk about:

  • How she got rid of her longtime digestive disorders with whole foods.
  • The number one ingredient contained in most beef sticks on the market.
  • How my own diet philosophies helped Autumn heal and inspire the growth of Paleovalley.
  • The difference between organic and regenerative agriculture.
  • The health benefits of apple cider vinegar.
  • Why collagen is the fountain of youth.
  • How much vitamin C in many foods comes from GMO corn.
  • Why organ meats are “nature’s multivitamins.”
  • Why Autumn started Wild Pastures.

Not only does Autumn really know her nutrition, but her story (as I said) really makes me hopeful and I think you'll find it inspiring too.


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Love and Chi,

PS: Paleovalley is a wonderful example of our awakening mindset when it comes to food. Organifi is another company that really takes their sourcing and nutrition seriously. Their products compliment an organic, whole-food diet wonderfully. It’s why I chose to work with them.


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