EP243: Simple Ways to Overcome Picky Eating & Improve Gut Health For Kids with Elissa Arnheim


Dinner time with kids can be overwhelming. 

Many kids only want to eat the white diet (bread, sugar, processed foods) and resist our valiant attempts to increase dietary diversity. 

This pattern is not only stressful for the entire family, but can also lead to gut dysfunction that leaves our more children vulnerable to a number of health issues. 

Which is exactly why I am thrilled to introduce you to Elissa Arnheim the creator of the Healthy Gut Happy Child Program. After her son’s cancer diagnosis, Elissa went on a mission to learn what it took to cultivate gut health in our littles. 

The best part? 

Along the way, she learned many simple strategies that make gut health fun for kids. (Including a trick that actually makes eating fermented foods fun!) 

So if you’re ready to kiss picky eating goodbye and learn how to get your kids to eat fermented foods willingly, tune in now! Here’s what you’ll learn: 

  • The main causes of picky eating in our kids 
  • 3 Ways to overcome picky eating (even for the pickiest kids!)
  • When dessert for breakfast is acceptable (and encouraged)
  • The 2 most problematic foods for kids
  • Food fear (and what to do about it!)
  • 3 wonderful ways to help our children relax
  • A simple kid-friendly way to release trauma in the body
  • How to do an elimination diet for your kids
  • My favorite brand of sugar-free ice cream 
  • The food that makes some kids act like a wild animal
  • One of the biggest (yet often unrecognized) problems with sugar
  • The link between sugar and crankiness 
  • The weekly event that helps us keep sugar out of the home (without the fight)
  • The super fun way to get your kids to eat fermented foods
  • How fermented foods transform gut health
  • The benefits of dance and movement for our little ones
  • And so much more!

Moms. Dads. Caregivers. This is not the podcast to miss! 

So tune in now, I sincerely think this will be as helpful for you as it has been for our family.

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Elissa Arnheim gives moms empowered clarity by reducing tantrums, tummy troubles and picky eating in 6 months or less so mom can worry less and have more fun with her family.

She’s an expert in gut health for children and helping mothers reverse their children’s chronic health issues.  It starts with a few little steps to recover mom’s energy and ‘bandwidth,” and then we identify, simplify and incorporate the right  steps to help set their unique child free of chronic issues so everyone can thrive!

Elissa’s Healthy Gut Happy Child plan has helped thousands of mothers with a simple three-step process:

1.  Create Your Adventurous Eater:  You get clear on the internal source of your child’s picky eating and the steps to set you both free.
2.  Take Out the Triggers:  Uncover hidden sources of common children’s health and behavior issues, so you can feed your family the yummy foods that keep them healthy and happy.
3.  Let Yourself Be Awesome, Mama:  Discover simple ways to give yourself more calm and time while you help your child heal.

Elissa earned a MS in ecological planning and a BA in conservation biology, and started her career in conservation ecology and teaching field science before moving into health care.  Now she combines her health and ecology expertise in fostering robust populations and resilient terrain in children’s guts.    

When she’s not working, Elissa enjoys food, music, gardening, relaxing and adventuring with her family and friends!


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