The Truth About Vitamin A

You know what’s confusing? 

When doctors tell you one thing but science tells you the opposite.

Aren’t they supposed to be in agreement?! Thankfully they are for the most part. 

But unfortunately, we live in a day and age where big name brands and pharmaceutical companies pad the pockets of researchers. 

The result? 

Sometimes we’re led to believe things that simply aren’t true – especially if the truth challenges the financial future of these organizations. 

That’s the sad case when it comes to vitamin A. I bet you’ve heard that high levels of this vitamin can be toxic. And if you happen to be pregnant, well you better avoid it like the plague! 

Do you know where this misguided belief came from? 

ONE single study published in 1995. 

It made questionable assumptions and presented unfounded “facts” about vitamin A. But that didn’t matter. Once the New York Times and the Washington Times published its findings, this once highly regarded vitamin was now the center of hot debate. 

The main problem with that study is the same problem many obstetricians and doctors face today – they don’t differentiate between natural vitamin A and synthetic vitamin A. Trust me, there’s a HUGE difference. 

Synthetic vitamin A is just what it sounds like – a vitamin that’s chemically developed in a laboratory. Obviously, this form isn’t real food – therefore our body doesn’t digest it as such, resulting in a buildup and potential toxicity. 

Even “real” plant-based vitamin A products aren’t true vitamin A. The nutrients extracted from these plants are actually carotenes. Once they reach our digestive system, they can then be converted into vitamin A – but only under near perfect conditions in our intestinal tract. 

So how do we get REAL vitamin A – the kind that CAN’T be toxic?

Decades ago, renowned dentist and nutritionist Weston A. Price discovered that true vitamin A is only found in animal products. Think butter, eggs, liver, and cod liver oil. 

This form of vitamin A is real food, so our body absorbs and digests it as it should – eliminating the risk of toxicity.  

He went on to find that vitamin A is a fat-soluble activator. Our bodies need these to “activate” the minerals in our diet. Without these crucial activators, our bodies can’t absorb nutrients properly. 

Still concerned about toxicity? Consider this: 

The diets of primitive cultures have been analyzed and proven to have contained over 10X more vitamin A than what the standard American diet provides. Research also tells us that these ancient cultures were infinitely more healthy than we are today. 

Probably because they ate animal organs like liver - the purest and rawest form of vitamin A and many other vitamins & minerals. 

Another interesting fact?

Humanitarian organizations like WHO and UNICEF are using high-dose vitamin A capsules to reduce blindness and even death in thousands of children and adults throughout Africa and Asia. 

Hmm… Maybe they know something that we don’t? 

Well, not us. If you’ve read to this point, you’re now one of the few who know the truth about vitamin A. 

It’s not only necessary, it literally activates so many other vital nutrients. 

Natural vitamin A is hard to find though. If you’re looking for a source you can trust, try our Grass-Fed Organ Complex. It’s nothing but pure, freeze-dried, grass-fed beef organs – nature’s most potent source of vitamin A and countless other nutrients!