The one thing all centenarians share…

Do you want to LIVE to 100? Here's how!

Stable blood sugar is the one thing centenarians (people who live to 100) share.

It will also help you burn fat AND prevent degenerative conditions like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, Alzheimer's and probably cancer too!

It's my favorite life hack ever!

If everyone learned to balance their blood sugar (using high-quality whole foods, of course) I wholeheartedly believe we would save most of the 300-400,000 lives lost each year due to diet-related disease.

It's officially my goal.

So today's article is designed to remind you of the simple steps you need to take each day to keep your blood sugar balanced so your health can THRIVE.


  • Consume high-quality protein with every meal and snack. (25-30 grams)
  • Eat a protein-heavy breakfast (again, aim for 25-30 grams of high-quality protein) within one hour of waking up.
  • Plan ahead for meals/snacks and carry protein snacks in your purse or satchel.
  • Eliminate blood sugar "bombs" like caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, excessive fruit, fruit juice, nicotine, grains, baked goods, soda, energy drinks and processed foods.
  • Don't skip meals. Once your body becomes "fat adapted" this will change, but eating regularly, in the beginning, will help avoid blood sugar dips that can cause fatigue, mood issues, and cravings.
  • Consume 5-10 servings of non-starchy veggies each day.
  • Manage stress with deep breathing, meditation, and a positive mindset.
  • Find an exercise you love and do it every day (or 4-6 days a week).
  • Prioritize sleep! Even one night of inadequate sleep has been documented to cause crazy blood sugar fluctuations and cravings for processed foods.

Just in case it isn't clear yet...

Stable blood sugar = a happy, healthy, looooooong life.

And it's really pretty simple once you get the hang of it!

So follow these guidelines, feel great and then create a lengthy bucket list. 😊

Have yourselves a lively day everyone!