Is Vitamin C The New Botox?

Nature's Botox Minus The Pain!

Scientific breakthroughs happen every year, but this one, in particular, is catching the attention of aging men and women everywhere. 

In fact, celebrities who use to flock to Botox injections are now turning to a different kind of solution. 

And thankfully, it doesn’t involve any pain or post-op frozen faces. 

It does, however, involve the skin’s most abundant antioxidant:

Vitamin C! 

Today, we know that vitamin C is essential for nearly every important human function – the immune system, bone formation, gum health, heart health and so much more.
But all too often overlooked is vitamin C’s role in anti-aging. Vitamin C is necessary for the production of collagen – the most abundant protein in the human body that practically holds us together. 

If we don’t have enough collagen, we start to deteriorate. 

That’s why skin sags, wrinkles form, and joints deteriorate as we age – because of an ever-decreasing amount of collagen. 

But what if you were intentional about giving your body what it needs to always create more collagen? Those “typical” signs of aging fade away. 

That’s not the only way vitamin C turns back the clock though. 

Being a powerful antioxidant, it works tirelessly to protect our skin from UV damage. 

Here’s how:

When UV light touches our skin, it creates highly reactive, unstable molecules called reactive oxygen species (ROS). 

Once created, they start a chain reaction within the body that ultimately damages and even alters DNA and cell membranes. Not only that, these free radicals break down collagen, which helps explain why photo-aged skin lacks the elasticity it once had.

To protect against all this, Vitamin C rushes in and donates electrons to neutralize the threat, protecting the skin from damaging oxidative stress. 

Fortunately, vitamin C is effective against both UVB and UVA rays as well as damage caused by cigarette smoke, air pollutants, toxins and more. 

In fact, one study showed a topical application of a 10% vitamin C solution reduced sunburn cell formation by roughly 50%! 

The problem is:

  1. Our skin is always in contact with the environment (the sun, chemicals, pollution, etc). 
  2. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, so it gets used up quickly, and our bodies can’t just make more because we lack the ability to do so. 

That’s why it’s SO important to replenish our body’s vitamin C stores on a regular basis – like everyday regular. 

Knowing its importance and seeing the lack of quality vitamin C supplements on the market, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring you a C supplement you can trust and that our bodies can actually use. 

Made of whole foods, our Essential C Complex is highly bioavailable, meaning our bodies can use it immediately – as opposed to the GMO corn-based varieties that your body can hardly recognize. 

It’s made from the richest sources of natural, whole vitamin C like Acerola Cherry, Amla Berry, and Camu Camu berry. 

This hand-picked blend gives you 750% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. 

By the way, the government’s recommendation of 60 mg per day is simply the bare minimum we need to live.

Countless research and the experience of renowned doctors show that much higher doses are incredibly beneficial and even life-changing.

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Whatever you do, don’t just sit around and let your skin and joints deteriorate because “that’s just how it is.” No! We CAN take action to slow that process and delay signs of aging.