Is this why you’re TIRED?

Is the afternoon fatigue getting the best of you?

Would you like to have more ENERGY?

Maybe you can barely peel yourself out of bed every morning?

Or you experience the dreaded 2 pm energy dip?

If so, I want you to know that even though this is incredibly common, it's NOT normal. 

In fact, regular fatigue may mean you're suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency, a shockingly common condition that affects over 120 million Americans.  


What exactly does vitamin B12 do?


MANY, many important things, including:

  • Produces DNA, red blood cells and myelin (the fatty substance that protects our nerves) 
  • Maintains normal homocysteine levels (heart disease risk factor!)
  • Regulates energy levels
  • Enhances digestion
  • Boosts cognitive function
  • Supports overall well-being
  • Promotes clear skin 

So if you’re feeling tired, dizzy, moody, irritable, weak, lightheaded, depressed, brain dead or forgetful, B12 deficiency may be to blame.


B12 and Alzheimer's


Recent studies have EVEN uncovered a link between Alzheimer's (our nation's most feared disease!) like dementia and low levels of B12 in the blood. Scary but true.

And please be aware those who have:

  • Bacterial overgrowth
  • Parasites
  • Digestive disorder (IBS, Crohn's)
  • Autoimmune conditions


  • Consume a vegan/vegetarian diet
  • Drink heavily 
  • Are over 50 years old 

You may be especially at risk. 


What can you do to improve your B12 status?


The first step is to increase your intake of high-quality B12-rich foods like:

  • Grass fed red meat (try our 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks)
  • Wild shrimp, salmon, sardines
  • Oysters and mussels 
  • Pastured eggs
  • Grass-fed liver

Though all of the foods mentioned above will bolster your B-12 stores, grass-fed liver is one of the richest sources of B12 on the planet. In fact, just a 4 ounce serving of liver contains over 1,000 times the RDI! Liver is such a powerful source of vitamin B12 that scientists discovered that a form of anemia (a consequence of B12 deficiency) could be reversed or controlled by eating a half pound of raw or lightly cooked liver daily. 

Which means when you're trying to overcome B12 deficiency (or prevent it!) liver is your best friend.

The only problem tastes like LIVER.

If you enjoy liver, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. But if you don't, know that we UNDERSTAND and have created the perfect solution...

Our Grass Fed Organ Complex.

Yes, you can get all the B12 goodness (in addition to other vital nutrients like B6, B9, choline, iron and vitamin A) from grass fed liver in just 4 capsules.

The icing on the cake is the fact that our Grass Fed Organ Complex doesn't only contain liver. It also contains other nutrient-rich organ meats (heart and kidney) all from grass fed animals with unique benefits all their own. 

So if you want to take ONE supplement that can dramatically increase your nutrient reserves, fight B12 deficiency, fatigue, and brain fog, try our Grass Fed Organ Complex today for up to 30% off! Don’t wait, because we’ve literally sold out of this amazing product twice!

Besides, life's just BETTER when you have tons of energy.

(Just be sure to take them in the morning or you may end up with too much energy to sleep)!

Oh, and if you know of someone who is pregnant, PLEASE tell them about the importance of consuming liver.

My struggle eating liver during my pregnancy is the reason we created the product. Our little ones desperately need these nutrients for proper development and it will give expectant mommas the energy they need to feel their best.

I hope you love it as much as we do!