Is This Silent Killer Living in Your Pantry?

What if I told you there’s a silent killer in your pantry that’s responsible for over 15 million deaths each year? 

I’m talking about sugar...

It kills more people each year than cigarette smoking, yet no one ever talks about it.

Probably because most mainstream manufacturers need our dependence on sugar to pad their pockets.

But it’s time we face this sugar crisis head-on because it’s stealing our mothers, grandfathers, brothers and friends from us far too early.


Science has proven that sugar plays a major (though silent) role in the development of potentially fatal conditions.

Take diabetes for example. It affects 371 million people across the globe & nearly 200 million of those people don’t even know they have it.

Too much dietary sugar can lead to insulin resistance. When this happens, your body no longer responds to the effects of insulin, leaving dangerously high levels of sugar in the blood, and the result is often deadly.

Then there’s liver disease.

Most people associate liver disease with excess alcohol consumption, and while that is one of the culprits, the other major player is too much sugar. One of the most common forms of sugar found in processed foods today is fructose.

And guess what? Only the liver is capable of breaking down fructose!

When it is consistently overloaded with excess sugar, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can be the result.

And let’s talk about heart disease.

It’s the leading cause of death globally, accounting for over 15 million lost lives. For years, scientists and heart associations have warned us about the dangers of processed table salt, and its deadly effect on the heart.

Today, top researchers believe it’s actually sugar we can thank for high blood pressure and other heart-related conditions.

Not to mention, 2 of the biggest risk factors for heart disease are obesity & diabetes – both of which are directly related to sugar intake.

Last but far from least, there’s cancer.

Cancer quite literally feeds off sugar. In fact, one of the most popular tests to detect cancer is the PET scan. Patients drink a sugary water filled with radioactively labeled glucose. Sugar-hungry cancer cells flock to it, “eat” it and light up, showing the physician if and where cancer exists in the body.

Scary stuff, right?

Maybe it’s time to imagine a life without processed sugar?

Kicking a sugar habit can lead to incredible health. You might just find you have increased energy, clarity of thought and healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels. As an added bonus, you’ll probably drop a few jean sizes and feel a whole lot more confident, too.

Ready to experience that kind of transformation? I was, and the day I kicked sugar to the curb was the day my life changed for the better.

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