Everyday Tips That Will Take Your Health to the Next Level!

I Think These Strategies Will Surprise You!

The two tiny tweaks I'm about to share are the very foundation of vibrant health. They might not be the sexiest of strategies, but they're undoubtedly two of the most EFFECTIVE. All you have to do is prioritize water and sleep. So if you don’t drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water each day and sleep between 7-8 hours each night, we’ve got to talk. Here’s why...

Oftentimes people think they're hungry when they're just THIRSTY.  By carrying a glass water bottle around with you every day, and opting for at least half your body weight in pounds in ounces (ex: 75 ounces for 150 pounds) you'll eat less and experience fewer cravings. Who doesn’t want that?

You'll also see improvements in your complexion and energy levels, and there's some research to suggest that it increases calorie burning throughout the day.

(Always make sure your water is filtered for chlorine and fluoride, please!)

Now on to sleep. According to Patrick Holoford, author of the book, Optimal Nutrition, even one night of inadequate sleep can cause blood sugar surges and hormonal fluctuations that increase carbohydrate cravings and promote weight gain. Which means you'll feel hungrier and eat MORE which makes weight loss and health decisions an uphill battle.

Inadequate sleep has also been shown to:

  • Deplete nutrient levels (magnesium, zinc, vitamin C).
  • Decrease reaction times as much as drunk driving - yikes!
  • Depress your immune system and increases cortisol levels, which accelerates aging
  • Increases your risk for mood disorders

Did I mention inadequate sleep makes weight loss much more difficult? It’s counterintuitive, but sometimes all you need to do to drop those stubborn pounds is sleep MORE. But I know inadequate sleep isn’t always for lack of effort, so here are a few helpful tips for those of you lying awake in bed…

  • Dim your lights 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Keep your blood sugar steady by eating at least 20-30 grams of protein with every meal and nixing refined sugar and excess fruit and carbohydrates. (Try our 100% Grass Fed Beef Sticks for a clean protein snack whenever you need it!)
  • Eliminate all dietary stimulants like energy drinks, coffee, tea (even green and white!) and soda. (For some, even one cup of coffee in the morning is enough to interfere with sleep at night use our Grass Fed Organ Complex instead!)
  • Use Organic Lavender Oil (This is truly amazing stuff!) by putting a small amount on your wrists before bedtime and sleep soundly!
  • Cover all light and unplug all electrical devices.
  • Keep your window open and your room around 65 degrees.
  • Listen to calming music before bedtime.
  • Take a bubble bath with organic magnesium salts 90 minutes before your bedtime. The timing is really important because your temperature will drop almost exactly 90 minutes after your bath which will help ease you into slumberland. The bubbles will also trap heat which can make your bathwater even warmer.
  • Don't use commercial body care products around bedtime (or ever!) which can incite a stress response. (I'll write an email about this later too).
  • Try our Superfood Bars with Grass Fed Collagen before bed. The amino acid glycine (found in collagen) has been shown to promote restful sleep.

And a special note to my friends who believe they simply don't require as much sleep as everyone else: You're probably wrong!

About 40% of my clients believe they belong to this "need less sleep" category but only 5% of the population actually does.

Sorry to burst your bubble!:)

If you're curious about WHEN you should be sleeping, for best results you'll want to check out our fascinating interview with Dr. Michael Breus, author of The Power of When, and a sleep expert you may have seen on the Dr. Oz show.

Spoiler alert: It's different for everyone! So be sure to check it out to see which category you fall into!