EP75: The Perfect Human Diet with CJ Hunt

Is there truly a Perfect Human Diet?


CJ HUNT traveled all around the world and spoke with various scientists and experts whose job it is to identify exactly what our ancestors consumed on his quest for the perfect human diet.
Thankfully these experts weren't nearly as confused about what we should be eating as we are in America today.
So in today's podcast we're going to talk alllll about what the evolutionary experts and archaeological record indicate is the perfect human diet.Here's some of the fun facts you'll learn:
Here's what you'll learn:
  • Why CJ dropped dead at 24
  • Who saved his life
  • Why he adopted a vegan diet
  • How he knew a vegan diet was not for him 
  • How we know our ancestors ate meat
  • Why eating meat made us smarter
  • Why our digestive tracts shrunk and what this means 
  • How we know our digestive tracts are designed for animal products 
  • Which animals our ancestors preferred
  • His biggest "aha" moment while filming the documentary 
  • The new technology that allows scientists to identify exactly what our ancestors were eating
  • What the introduction of agriculture did (or didn't do!) for our ancestors 
  • How we know our ancestors preferred animal products rather than vegetables 
  • Two foods Paleo adherents might be eating that can hinder their results 
  • Why he thinks potatoes should NOT be Paleo approved
  • Why too much of a certain Paleo STAPLE is actually dangerous 
  • How you can eat Paleo easily and avoid these foods
  • The one food most Americans eat that is very harmful 
  • What he thinks we need to do to reclaim the Paleo movement 
  • The 2 categories that sum up pretty much all food
  • Exactly we should and should not be eating according to archaeological records 
  • Why the advisor to the president of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation would not read Good Calories Bad Calories (this is disheartening)
  • What it's going to take to get our policy makers to take Paleo seriously 
  • Why there is still a lot of hope for Paleo 
  • And much more!


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