EP72: The Wahl’s Protocol and Delicious Recipes

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If you haven't seen her epic TED talk, Dr. Wahls is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner. She's also a clinical researcher and has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific abstracts, posters, and papers.

The best part about Dr. Wahl's, however, is that In addition to being a doctor, she's also a patient with a chronic, progressive disease.

Diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis in 2000, she underwent traditional forms of therapy to no avail. She was once confined to a zero gravity chair.

Instead of accepting her fate, she bravely designed a revolutionary dietary protocol based on the 30+ nutrients our brains require and today she is healthy, happy and on a mission to empower others to take back their health.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • How she put her Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) into remission using food
  • Why she feels BLESSED to have had M.S.
  • What she did to teach her kids that anything is possible
  • How she created her protocol
  • Why it's different (and more effective) then the paleo diet
  • Why you won't feel restricted on her protocol
  • The AWESOME side effects of her protocol
  • Why her protocol is different than the Autoimmune Protocol
  • Who her Protocol can help (spoiler alert: it's probably YOU!)
  • What her clinical research is revealing
  • Why she recommends MCT oil to help keep you in ketosis
  • Whether or not vegetarians can use her protocol
  • Why some ketogenic diets can be harmful
  • One supplement that most everyone will benefit from
  • Why organ meats are so critical for vibrant health
  • What mitochondria are and why they matter
  • Why her cookbook makes healthy eating effortless
  • Her very favorite recipes
  • How to get your kids to eat organ meats (and other nutrient dense foods) effortlessly
  • Whether or not the medical community is embracing her research
  • How to learn more about her research
  • How to work with her personally
  • Whether or not she recommends giving my son (and other kids) gluten
  • And much more!


Grab a copy of The Wahl's Protocol book here:

Check out, The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life: The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions

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