EP. 39: Should You Eat Dirt?

The Bizarre Truth About Eating Dirt...


Today, Dr. Josh Axe, the guest of our 40th podcast, talks all about our war on bacteria, the importance of healthy bacterial exposure and his new book, appropriately entitled, Eat Dirt.

And in case you're a little skeptical and freaked out by the thought of eating a daily fistful of dirt in the name of health, just know, that is NOT what he's suggesting. 

(I'm not even sure I would do that, and I'm game for pretty much anything that could improve health)!

Turns out there are far more sophisticated (and sneaky!) ways to get your daily dose of healthy bacteria without the awful taste and ridicule from your loved ones.

Trust me, it's worth listening to and your immune system will THANK YOU.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why Dr. Axe was inspired to teach people about the healing power of food
  • Why leaky  gut is the most important health issue today
  • The 6 main factors driving the leaky gut epidemic 
  • The #1 cause of leaky gut today 
  • Why leaky gut may be the cause of your autoimmune condition 
  • Why he believes grains are not ALL evil 
  • Why your gallbladder can help prevent leaky gut
  • What a "Type A"'personality has to do with a leaky gut
  • What you must know if you're taking medication 
  • Why local honey helps fight allergies 
  • 3 Not-so scary ways you can "eat dirt"
  • The devastating effects of 10 days of fast food on your microbiome 
  • Foods to eat and eliminate for optimal gut health
  • Which 2 gut healing supplements Dr. Axe recommends for most people 
  • A gut friendly  at-home cleanser you can make in 2 minutes!
  • And much more!


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