EP189: Healing Rosacea, Eczema & Dandruff Naturally with Jen Fugo


Rosacea. Dandruff. Eczema. 

Most people would assume these skin issues originate in the skin but according to skin expert Jen Fugo (you may have seen her on Dr. Oz), many times they are caused by gut issues. 

And that’s exciting because there are a lot of simple steps you can take today to find relief and heal from the root cause of your skin issues!

So if you (or someone you know or love) suffers from rosacea, eczema, dandruff, or another annoying skin issue, please be sure to tune in to this fascinating conversation ASAP!  

Here are some of the gems you’ll learn:

  • The one natural skin oil you should never use on eczema
  • The best cream to use for eczema
  • Why essential oils are not good for certain skin issues
  • The gut issue that is commonly at the root of rosacea
  • The mistake most people make when it comes to food sensitivities
  • The link between leaky gut and leaky skin
  • A cheap way to identify your nutrient deficiencies
  • The simple steps you can take to resolve eczema, rosacea and dandruff

I LOVED this chat and I hope you do, too. Don’t forget to help us spread the good word by tagging someone in the comments below who may need this important information. 

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