EP167: Daily Detox & Mold Toxicity with Bridgit Danner


Spring and detox go hand in hand. 

Healthy habits seem easier to cultivate for some reason and swimsuit season is just around the corner! 

But before you start the Master Cleanse or grab a generic box of detox pills I urge you to listen to this week’s podcast, Daily Detox & Mold Toxicity with Bridgit Danner! 

There are many better ways to detox than others and we’ll teach you the right way AND how to keep it practical. We also cover how to identify and heal mold poisoning (which is at the root of many lingering and unexplainable health issues today). 

So listen in, ask questions in the comments below and share this important information before any of your loved ones detox the WRONG way or miss the little known signs of mold issues.


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