EP. 59: Ditching Toxins for Weight Loss and Vibrant Health with Lara Adler

Everything About Toxins...REVEALED!


It may shock you to know that of the 80,000 chemicals in circulation today, only 200 of them have been tested for safety!

Crazy, right? 

What's worse is that research is now showing that these chemicals can increase our risk for pretty much every disease AND make us fat.

Which is why in today's podcast we're going to geek out with Lara Adler, a Certified Holistic Health Coach and self-taught Environmental Toxins Expert.

Because if you've been EXTRA diligent about eating a healthy diet, exercising, reducing your stress levels, and doing everything else you can do to favorablly affect your health...but still haven't reached your health goals...
It's not your fault!

TOXINS may be to blame. 

So listen to the podcast and learn all about the many simple ways you can go about reducing your toxic exposure so that your health can truly thrive. 

Here are some of the juicy tidbits you're in for:

  • What toxins are and where they are found
  • The link between toxins and obesity
  • How exactly toxins make us fat
  • The surprising places you'll find obesogens 
  • Why the dose does NOT always make the poison
  • Which diseases the literature links to toxic exposure
  • what a NOAL level is and why it matters for your health
  • How many chemicals the typical woman is exposed to before she leaves the house
  • Why only 200 of the 80,000 chemicals in circulation have been thoroughly tested for safety
  • Why 2 chemicals is "badder" than one!
  • How much toxic exposure costs us in terms of health care costs (this will SHOCK you!)
  • The 5 steps to reducing your toxic exposure!
  • The most important step you can take to reduce toxic exposure
  • Why traditional "detoxes" don't necessarily remove toxins
  • Why toxins are stored in fat
  • Why many people get sick after gastric bypass surgery
  • Foods that encourage your body to release toxins
  • Why certain prescription medications trigger weight gain (really interesting!)
  • The reason rice almost always contains arsenic
  • How to reduce the amount of arsenic in your rice
  • Her favorite personal care products
  • Why BPA-free plastic may be even WORSE 
  • The beverage you can use to supercharge your detox
  • Lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your toxic burden
  • And much more!


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