In fact, today we have to consume between 4-8 oranges to receive the same number of nutrients that our grandparents received from ONE.

Which is exactly why even the USDA agrees, that high-quality supplements are KEY to reversing nutrient deficiency and vibrant health. 

But don't worry, I'm not going to suggest you spend your hard-earned money on a bajillion expensive supplements. 

Instead, I'm going to cover the basics and recommend the ones that have made the BIGGEST difference for me and those I work with.

(*Please remember, though, if you're currently pregnant, nursing, taking medication or suffering from a medical condition, do consult your healthcare practitioner BEFORE taking supplements. Even though they are natural and high quality, they can still cause interactions and changes that may need to be monitored by a health professional)!
Here are my favorite supplements for restoring nutrient sufficiency and vibrant health. 

1. Digestive enzymes
Digestive enzymes help your body digest food more thoroughly, break down inflammatory proteins, clear the bowel AND make you feel great. If you suffer from bloating and/or gas and feel full for extended periods of time after meals, you may have depressed levels of digestive enzymes. Take them prior to every meal. I like the ones by Pure Encapsulations.

2. Paleovalley Grass-Fed Organ Complex
High-quality organ meats are nature's multivitamins, but as I've mentioned, many people (like me!) don't enjoy them. Which is exactly why we created an organ complex made from all grass-fed animals. So if you'd rather toss back four capsules in the morning then find a way to enjoy liver, make sure to try them. They are chalk full of minerals and vitamins in concentrations you won't find in any other whole food. I just added them to my repertoire and the "anti-fatigue" factor is undeniable. The best part is, you can eat the organ meats our ancestors prized most, first thing in the morning, with zero preparation. Pretty fantastic. Here's our very own Paleovalley grass-fed organ complex.
3. Probiotics
Probiotics are beneficial for almost everyone because they increase gut health and your ability to absorb the precious nutrients from your food. Opt for a refrigerated and therapeutic-level brand containing many different strains of beneficial bacteria (50 billion CFU and above). If initially, you experience digestive distress, this can be normal. Simply reduce your dose by pouring a small amount from the capsule and build up to the recommended dosage over time. My favorite right now is Prescript Assist and Biotrust

It’s great to rotate probiotic strains too, so try one now and the next brand afterward. 😊

4. Essential Fatty Acids
According to research done at Harvard, omega-3 fatty acid (found in essential fatty acid supplements) deficiency is the #6 killer of Americans and is responsible for up to 90,000 deaths a year. Essential fatty acids also support digestive and mental health, reduce inflammation and promote weight loss. I personally love Biotrust's krill oil

5. Daily vitamin, mineral and antioxidant complex
As I mentioned, even the USDA now recommends that everyone take a multi-vitamin to ensure their nutrient bases are covered. But please be mindful....multivitamins vary greatly in quality. 
Look for an organic whole-food version. My favorite brands are New Chapter and Garden of Life. There's also a new one on the market called Nutrience

6. Paleovalley Organic Supergreens Powder
Although it’s more of a food than a supplement, our Paleovalley Organic Supergreens powder is made with 19 organic superfoods like anti-inflammatory turmeric, detoxifying chlorella, iron and protein-rich spirulina, vitamin-C packed acerola cherry, mineral-rich dulse and MORE. The polyphenols (colored plant compounds) it contains nourish your gut and flood your body with antioxidants! I use it every morning in water because it tastes delicious (minty and refreshing) but you can also add it to smoothies. It’s also one of the only greens powders on the market with no indigestible (not to mention gut damaging) cereal grasses. 

This is my favorite daily supplement! Empirically, it's been shown to reduce stress hormones, promote fat loss, and improve mood, focus and cognitive function. It's also been shown to support thyroid function, improve testosterone and cholesterol markers and maybe even treat and prevent cancer! It's been used safely for hundreds of years.  When I take it I notice an instantaneous lift in mood, energy levels, and focus. My clients love it too. I take the cognitive focus version made by Ayush Herbs. We also have a drinkable adaptogen blend including ashwaghanda coming soon!

(If you have an autoimmune illness, be sure to consult your practitioner before adding this!)

It’s also important to note that vitamin D deficiency is a HUGE issue today and is thought to be responsible for decreased bone health and immune issues. It's also hard to find in food and difficult to obtain from the sun in adequate amounts. That is...unless you're naked for at least an hour around midday and living near the equator. (and if you are...LUCKY you!) 

Therefore, vitamin D supplementation is important and I recommend a high-quality version but please don't take vitamin D without having your levels tested. Too much is not a good thing and can actually be harmful. Generally, supplementing with 135 IU per pound of body weight is ideal, but again please have your levels tested. 

The sweet spot seems to be between 60 - 80 mg/dl.  

One final note:
With supplements, you get what you pay for. You don't necessarily need to use the brands I suggest, but do be sure the ones you choose are organic (when applicable), made by a company you trust (I like to call and get to know them!), and free of freaky additives especially magnesium stearate which can actually block nutrient absorption. 

Question. Every. Ingredient. 

Many times people are amazed at how their energy levels improve once they incorporate supplements! So, if necessary, consult your healthcare practitioner and get the ball rolling! 😊 

Have a happy day, everyone!