Coconut Tomato Bisque & Pan Fried Salmon:

Makes 3-4 servings
Cooking Time: 25 minutes

Salmon Ingredients:

Coconut Tomato Bisque Ingredients:

  • 1 28oz can of crushed plum tomatoes
  • 1¼ coconut milk, full fat
  • 1¼ chicken or vegetable broth
  • 2 Tbsp coconut oil
  • ½ yellow onion
  • 1½ tsp curry powder


  • Standard or Immersion Blender


In a small bowl, combine the salt, oil, garlic and curry powder. Brush or spoon over each piece of salmon, and turn a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat. Sear the salmon skin side down first for about 2 minutes until crispy and meat begins to turn opaque, then flip and finish cooking until salmon is firm by flaky and opaque up the sides.
In a pot, add the coconut oil, sliced onion, curry powder, and salt. Cook on medium until onions are translucent. Add tomato, broth and coconut milk, bring to a simmer and let cook for another 10 minutes. Taste and add seasoning if needed. Puree with an immersion blender or transfer to a blender carefully, then puree.  

***Always opt for organic for any of the ingredients above when possible and always 100% grass fed/grass finished for the meat.

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